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  1. What is this question asking?

    On the application for licensure in IL the question asks "Have you had or do you now have any disease or condition that interferes with your ability to perform the essential functions of your profession, including any disease or condition generally r...
  2. I was wondering, the backround check that the BON uses to determine if they will let you sit for the NCLEX, is it a fingerprint backround check or the non-fingerprint variety? Id like to order a backround check of myself to see whats on their and the...
  3. Restricted license LPN vs. RN

    Hi Guys, Im hoping you all can give me some insight and advice. I will be starting nursing school soon and Im pretty sure I will start out with some kind of restricted and/or probationary license for a past addiction problem and a criminal convicti...
  4. Declaratory order

    Was the driving while intoxicated dismissed eventually or did it end up in a conviction?
  5. Illinois to join compact?

    I know this is an older thread but I was wondering if anyone has heard of any updated info regarding if and when IL will become part of the compact states?
  6. How many applicants/ JJC?

    Does anyone know how many applicants on average JJC has for each application cycle? I think I heard they accept 96 applicants (72 day and 24 night) but I wondering how many people dont get in?
  7. IL BON

    Anyone have experience with the IL BON? Ive been reading horror stories about the CA and TX BON and wonder how the IL BON compares? I am about to start nursing school and have a DUI from 2006 due to a spell with alcoholism. I have completed rehab ...
  8. Help new to Stipulated Agreement stuff hoping for some info

    Hi guys, I was just wondering how the job search is going? Have you had trouble finding a job with a restricted or probationary license?
  9. Does anyone know if IL allows you to sit for the PN exam after your first year in the RN program?
  10. LPN vs RN home health nurse

    My goal is to be a home health nurse. Im not interested in ever working in a hospital. In my area of the country, the RN home health nurses only make $3 more an hour than the LPN home health nurses (to start that is). Anyhow, the RN extra $3 an hou...
  11. BON asking for certified court documents

    So what ended up happening? Any updates?
  12. Whats on my record?

    I know I have some old charges of "driving on a expired license", "driving on a suspended license" and driving with out insurance. Also, on the application form to the BON, it says you dont have to report minor traffic violations. Do you think th...
  13. Your mother sounds just like my father. When I graduated high school, I announced I wanted to go to nursing school. He actually forbid me to go. He said no daughter of his was going to empty bedpans for a living! So I never went to nursing shcool....
  14. RN and RT stress

    I was just wondering, as far as the emergency room goes, who do you think experiences more stress, the nurse or respiratory therapist? I am not a nurse but just wondering what the general consensus is. Im talking about trauma cases and not your run...
  15. Im wondering if anyone here has recent experience with Massage Therapy in this economy? I am thinking about going to MT school. Anyone here doing massage full time? If so, are you able to support yourself? How do you like your career? Thanks :)
  16. Nurse Practitioner and Holistic Nurse in CAM?

    I believe here where I am located that you would need a separate license for acupuncture and a separate license for massage (your nursing license would not cover those two professions). Also, Illinois just passed a law that limits the people that ca...
  17. No more outpatient RN's?

    At out local family practice, all the clinic personal are MA's, they do the patient education and pretty much run the office and are very much relied on by the doctors and patients. This is in Illinois btw.
  18. Does anyone know of an LPN program that cost 15k or under and takes federal financial aid? I do know of cmk healthcare that has a lpn program that cost 15k but they dont take financial aid. Are there any others in the chicagoland area that Im not a...
  19. RT in Alaska hospitals

    Just wondering, To those of you that work in Alaska's hospitals. Are Respiratory therapists utilized very much? Or do the RN's do the majority of the work a RT was usually do? I am in Chicago and here RT are used to their full potential (at least ...
  20. CMK Healthcare LPN program

    I've read that CMK healthcare in Glendale Heights is offering their LPN program for 15k. From what I understand, they also have payment plan where you can give a down payment and pay the rest in montly payments. I think it comes out to $1200.00/mont...
  21. Online speech class required?

    I was curious about the Excelsior LPN to RN program. Does it require a Speech class and if so, how does that work? Is the speech class online? Ive looked into other lpn to rn programs (at junior colleges) but they all require a speech class that ...
  22. CRNA Threat

    I read the following post on a student doctor's forum: "Agreed. CRNA's and nurses in general aren't the smartest group of people out there. The CRNA backlash has already begun. In response to CRNA's push for autonomy, anesthesiologists are support...
  23. Silver Cross Hospital Joliet

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if somebody could tell me what color scrubs the nurses wear at silver cross hospital? Just wondering Thanks
  24. Is Ambria's college of Nursings' RN program available to anyone or is it a strictly a lpn to rn bridge program? Thanks all also, anyone know roughly how much the program is and do they offer stafford loans?
  25. As much as I dislike these...