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tablefor9 has 16 years experience as a RN and specializes in ICU, Home Health, Camp, Travel, L&D.

Home-educating Mom to 7 great kiddos, enjoying my 30's, RN since age 20, Love hiking, running/walking, cooking, reading, music and gardening

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  1. Hi,

    which books do you suggest to read for new grad L&D nurse? 

  2. tablefor9

    L&D Books?

    See the reading list stickied at the top of this forum :)
  3. tablefor9

    CNM students and organizations

    ACNM and AWHONN, Citizens for Midwifery, White Ribbon Alliance. I just finished working through Perinatal Nursing, from AWHONN. I try to pick an area of my specialty per quarter to work through and learn more about independently. This also helps when I have to cobble together a presentation for work as part of my RNC bonus requirement. So far, I've become a Childbirth Educator, been certified in Inpatient Obstetrics, studied the ethics of medical translation (I'm functionally bilingual and play around with a few more languages). I'm doing some lactation stuff now. HTH
  4. tablefor9

    The Patient I Failed

  5. tablefor9

    Will hospitals pay for graduate education?

    $2400/yr undergrad, $3600/yr graduate; they will do complete scholarship with a service contract for positions in need (ARNP). Most facilities I've worked for have had this type of comp package. I worked for another facility that did 50% after your 1st 90 days, 75% after 1st year, 100% after 5 years, but I think that's pretty generous.
  6. tablefor9

    Getting Sick at Work

    Twice: SVT and unable to vagal myself down. Migraine with TIA symptoms.
  7. tablefor9

    L&D nurses: Advice please!

    Really? Exactly how many women would that be? Coming across pretty condescending here. If you don't feel it's necessary to suffer, then by all means, please don't. There are good reasons not to have epidurals or IV pain meds. I'm sure you know where google scholar, EBSCOhost and CINAHL are if you want to dig out the research, please don't belittle the women that might have done that.
  8. In another post for another day, I might mention concerns about what we are turning into when we think the collective should make decisions for individual families. But, that's another post. Today, I'll just say that I am a parent, as well as a labor nurse. Since I don't do drugs, don't abuse my children, and can meet their needs, I get to make the decisions that are best for my family. Other medical professionals, assuming they don't do drugs, don't abuse their children, and can meet their children's needs, can do the same, FOR THEIR OWN CHILDREN. Everybody wins. The rights of the individual are only limited by the rights of another individual, and we have case by case analysis of ethical issues arising from the conflict of a parent's religious beliefs and the health needs and rights of the child to treatment. This is not a double standard, this is protection from government intrusion into the lives of the many for the sake of the few.
  9. tablefor9

    What are your Doses for Mag Sulfate and Pitocin at your facility?

    4 or 6 gram load for Mag, depends on patient factors and physician preference. 1-2 milliunits initial for Pit, depending on patient factors, RN assessment. Our orders allow either.
  10. tablefor9

    L&D versus Surgical floor.

    This is more difficult to answer than it was a couple of years ago. Then, I would have said, unequivocally, take the 1st year in Med-Surg, then move to L&D. I still think this is 1. going to make you a better labor nurse and 2. going to protect your ability to change specialties in the future. Now, in a market that's getting tighter, I have to say that you might not get a chance in your area next year. So, do some hard thinking about this. I don't think anyone can answer for you. In fact, I find it difficult to answer even what I would do in the same situation. I love L&D, wouldn't be anywhere else now. BUT, I think the reason I'm a great L&D RN is that I did other things first. I consistently see differences in my coworkers that have only done L&D and the ones of us that came from another background. Good luck to you.'
  11. tablefor9

    What does it take to work in L&D and Post Partum?

    You don't have to be "mean or aggressive" to be an excellent L&D/PP RN. That's a load of crap, as is the idea that women in labor need a "firm hand". Ridiculous. Those are ideas that will not serve anyone well in the day of reimbursements being driven by consumer (PATIENT) satisfaction. You do, however, need to be assertive, compassionate, and willing to work hard and to do difficult things. You need rock-solid assessment skills, the ability to handle rapidly changing situations with aplomb, and be able to prioritize appropriately. The fact is, not everyone IS cut out to be a L&D nurse. I think it's the best job in the WORLD, except when it's not. Demise is hard. Sending babies home with crappy parents is hard. Losing mom or baby, hardest. The fact that you have a desire to do women's health is the first step. Becoming comfortable in basic nursing is the second. Maybe see if you can float over to PP, take some lactation classes, do some reading (starting with the recommended reading in OB forum and all the posts there). Get a doula certification, and use it. All those things will give you a view of the day in-day out while you keep your eyes open for a position. Good luck to you in your first year of nursing, and all that comes after.
  12. tablefor9

    wearing makeup to work?

    Minerals, mascara, Burt's Bees in Peony on the lips. Hair has to be up, per policy. So, it's rocking the pony tail or the big claw clip. If I am especially tired, I may do a little extra with the eyes and whatever--but I don't want to have to do more than touch up the gloss through the night.
  13. tablefor9

    Low Census- To Take Cancel or Not?

    If no one else wants it, take it and run! We have a "call" box on our unit, with each nurse's turn written in on their card. Then, if it's "your" turn, you have first choice to take it or offer it to others.
  14. tablefor9

    Check Hb post-transfusion?

    4hrs post transfusion, here
  15. tablefor9

    Who pays your salary?

    Inserting my $0.02 here. Who's against money? Really, I want to see the person who is *not* for a paycheck. I don't work for free, and won't. However, "interest" is a fairly banal term that won't get you far. We've all worked with nurses who looked around, said, "hey, what can I do that only requires a year or two in school and can pull down the biggest bucks," and landed on our unit. We wish they hadn't, because they were miserable when reality set in. Do it for the bucks, by all means. But understand on the front end that the bucks aren't going to be what the job is worth.
  16. Travel RN= see one, do one, teach one (3 days) Other...2 weeks and a competency checklist which I had 90 days to turn in.

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