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PureLifeRN has 4 years experience and specializes in OR.

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  1. PureLifeRN

    Becoming a (d)NP with only OR experience?

    A bunch of little things I guess. Some examples: - gastric ulcers in smokers (seen those suckers perforate, always in a smoker!) - same thing with bladder cancer (smoking=bad) - people in my class were stressing over learning musculoskeletal diseases but I have seen many carpal tunnels, De'Quervains, Dupytren's contracture, rotator cuff repairs, Hammer toes, ACL repairs, etc. Seeing the inside of joints on arthoscopy made my life much easier learning that section! - S/S of an acute abdomen - S/S AAA and what to do (get to the OR stat!) I could go on, but you probably get it. Never underestimate what the OR can teach you. I am now trying to look understand lab values on my patients and how they relate to their diagnosis (ex. WBC levels with appendicits). Being in the OR provides me the time to only have one patient at a time so I can really look at their PMH and diagnostic values to try to make some sense out of it. I don't think I want to work in the OR as an NP but I can definitely see how my OR experience will translate into primary care. Don't worry, you will be a rock star, especially when it comes to suturing class .
  2. PureLifeRN

    Becoming a (d)NP with only OR experience?

    Hello! OR nurse here halfway through a FNP program. Worked Med-surg 2 years before coming to the OR where I have been the past 6 years. My FNP program is very well regarded in the community and last semester we had 5 people fail in Health Assessment; its a very difficult program. I have a 4.0, all A's so far. There are SOOOO many ways being an OR nurse will help you in NP school. I was in your shoes not too long ago, I was very hesitant in going back to school because everyone told me that I needed to be working on the floor because working in the OR wont teach you anything, please don't believe them! It's really a whole new ballgame with NP, a new role and new way of looking at patients. Working on the floor may help, but it hasn't made a bit of difference for me. (2 of the girls who failed last semester worked PCU and med-surg. Not married and no kids. I work in the OR AND have kids. It can be done!) Plus when I get to be in a long case, I can whip out my notes and study at work
  3. PureLifeRN

    For all the momma nurses out there...

    OR circulator here! I had to go on bedrest with my first pregnancy because the OR life was crazy. I remember having to get on my hands and knees and push a pedal to the doctors feet, with lead on, and honestly thinking that I couldn't get up...I had to crawl to a cabinet and hoist myself up! I ended up with preeclampsia and a very small baby. My perinatologist told me that there is a recent journal article that followed OR residents who were pregnant. Their babies were smaller than the normal population, suggested cause was the stress and "on your feet" culture of the OR. When surgeons would complain that their turn-over time was too long, I would glare at them and say "I only have two speeds today, slow and slower. You pick."
  4. PureLifeRN

    Worst Medication Error of my life

    I think giving versed wasn't a terrible mistake! I wouldn't want to remember having chest pain anyway! ((HUGS)) This too will pass....
  5. PureLifeRN

    Big Mistakes to avoid while circulating...?

    Always watch out for those stupid electrical cords. I swear one of these days I am going to EAT it big time! Also, triple check your consents!
  6. PureLifeRN

    Nova SouthEastern Fall 2012 FNP

    Thats crazy! When I called them last year they assured me they had all the proper accreditation. I am glad I chose to attend FAU! That would be awful to give up so much time and money and still not be able to be an NP!
  7. PureLifeRN

    Operating Room Nurse: Roles

    What was the surgery, if you don't mind me asking? Some preps involve frog-legging the patient so this could be the case in this situation.
  8. PureLifeRN

    The Florida job market cannot be this bad?!

    Are you looking only in Miami? How about Broward or Palm Beach county? That makes me nervous bc I am in school for FNP and can't move due to family reasons as well.
  9. PureLifeRN

    Drawing the Line: Shutting Down Verbal Abuse

    Great article! I also work in the OR and know how hard it can be to be nice to snarky surgeons. People who don't work in the OR just don't know how psychologically distressing it can be! OR personnel are very aware that we depend on surgeons for work, so there has to be a certain amount of politeness when addressing docs. Our charge nurse is so great at smoothing things over with the docs, and that is a true gift. I once had a surgeon so mad that he left the room gowned, gloved and bloody and stormed to the front desk to yell at the charge nurse, only to come back in 5 minutes later with a smile! That's the sign of a good charge nurse. If you get ***** with every doctor who has an attitude then your no better than they are. You absolutely did the right thing by explaining yourself to the fellow.
  10. PureLifeRN

    New Grad applicant walked on a unit today...

    sheesh...thats rough. A little kindness can go a long way....
  11. PureLifeRN

    Patients overstaying their welcome in hospitals

    I have taken care of a patient who was from Mexico and lived in Florida homeless for a long time. He was found unconscious in the streets and after being in our hospital for a long time was able to open his eyes and breathe on his own. Alcohol destroyed his brain though and he needed a peg tube, never spoke. Hospital (non profit, religious hospital) tried to contact family and they refused to claim him. So they actually chartered a plane and flew him to Mexico and dropped him off at a local hospital!! I know this becasue I was the nurse who discharged the patient with the air medical crew to fly him back! really crazy!
  12. PureLifeRN

    Nursing hours

    Your time away from your kids is going to be a lot, whether you are a teacher or nurse. You might as well do something you are passionate about. Btw, you could always work full time (3 12's) for a year or two, then switch to per diem, working 1-2 days a week. You cant do that with teaching.
  13. PureLifeRN

    What is the "right" answer?

    I know there are many threads on how to deal with abusive surgeons in the real world, but I am hoping to land an OR interview soon and I wanted to know what is the answer that the OR NM wants to hear during an interview? What is the "correct" way to deal with an abusive surgeon during a surgery? Just take it till the surgery is over then confront the surgeon? Deal with it then? whaddya think?
  14. There have been 1-2 times hwere I have switched a patient because they made very innapropriate comments and made me feel uncomfortable. And if I feel like my patient load is way to heavy, then I will unload a heavier patient to a group that is easier, however I have only done that a couple times. One shift I had 3 out of 5 patients on q3hour pain meds and I honestly could not get anything else done. I talked with the charge nurse about it and she agreed that my assignment needed to be split up. I never switch a patient without consulting the charge nurse, and I never do it consistently because with my luck I will get an even worse patient!! lol.
  15. Your post is extremely hard to read, FYI. Did you mean to break it up into stanzas, like a poem? I dont have a problem with nurses switching a patient at the end of their shift, especially if the patient is really abusive. We all need to share those patients. BUT I do have a problem with nurses who REGULARY switch patients just because they are a PIA. News Flash: there are a lot of PIA's in the hospital! You have to learn how to deal with them, because its not fair to give one nurse all the nice/easy patients while giving another one all the difficult ones. There is one nurse who asks everyone who isn't coming back the next day, who their easiest patients were, then she would sign up for those and the next day have it soo easy while we are going crazy! SOO annoying!
  16. PureLifeRN

    Is it worth it to keep trying? Desperate for answers!

    Here's what I would do if I were in your situation: - take a nursing refresher course with a big clinical componet. This will help with your skills AND your confidence. It's kind of like a safe place to ease you back into nursing. - look into non hospital positions. You sound like you would really like community health. I followed a community health nurse around and she loved what she did! She worked 6 months in the hospital and did community for, like, 10 years. Look for government jobs like Department of Elder Affairs, or a vaccine program nurse. They have community nurses who do everything from school nursing, working with the elderly, doing pregnancy education, organizing health fairs, etc. If you dont like working with sick people then dont! There are PLENTY of healthy people who desperately need a nurse to keep them healthy and OUT of a hospital! Or what about psych? :) big hugs!