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  1. PureLifeRN

    What Do Operating Room Nurses Do?

    What was the surgery, if you don't mind me asking? Some preps involve frog-legging the patient so this could be the case in this situation.
  2. PureLifeRN

    Drawing the Line: Shutting Down Verbal Abuse

    Great article! I also work in the OR and know how hard it can be to be nice to snarky surgeons. People who don't work in the OR just don't know how psychologically distressing it can be! OR personnel are very aware that we depend on surgeons for work, so there has to be a certain amount of politeness when addressing docs. Our charge nurse is so great at smoothing things over with the docs, and that is a true gift. I once had a surgeon so mad that he left the room gowned, gloved and bloody and stormed to the front desk to yell at the charge nurse, only to come back in 5 minutes later with a smile! That's the sign of a good charge nurse. If you get ***** with every doctor who has an attitude then your no better than they are. You absolutely did the right thing by explaining yourself to the fellow.
  3. PureLifeRN

    Young, Thin, and Cute New Hires

    Thank you. That is exactly what I was trying to convey. You can't have it both ways. Ageism is wrong, no matter what age you are biased against.
  4. PureLifeRN

    Young, Thin, and Cute New Hires

    Yet another example of stereotyping based on age.
  5. PureLifeRN

    Young, Thin, and Cute New Hires

    But if a new, cute nurse writes a post about how she disagrees with her nursing unit hiring a bunch of older, ugly nurses, she would be crucified. Its rather immature to write a long post obviously biased against new nurses and then state afterward you weren't meaning to be offensive. Every nurse can bring something to the table that is new and exciting. Even 24 year olds.
  6. PureLifeRN

    Young, Thin, and Cute New Hires

    These kind of posts amaze me. If any young, new nurse writes a post stating that a bunch of old, crotchety nurses are mean to them, well then they get ripped a new one. But when its the other way around....hey...its ok. I've noticed its popular to be judgemental of newer nurses on this forum. But never to older ones. There is nothing wrong with being a new nurse who is excited to take care of patients and have a great personality. Just my two cents.
  7. PureLifeRN

    prep question

    So if this was a pressure ulcer, you would put sterile 4x4 or something on it wound, then using betadine scrub outward....would the 4x4 be soaked with sterile NACL or just dry? Could you use scrub and paint? or just betadine paint? :) thanks!
  8. PureLifeRN

    prep question

    Hello! Quick question from a newbie.... When you are prepping an open contaminated wound (i.e. pressure ulcer), I know you prep that actual wound last, but do you prep starting from the perimeter of the wound out, or from outer skin in towards the wound? thanks!
  9. PureLifeRN


    Where was this packing? just curious.... Do you guys count for lap tubal cases?
  10. PureLifeRN


    Yeah, we are trying it in our OR. But the wand is only for laps/ray that have an additional little peice of metal that is detectable by the wand or the gel pad under the patient. The company that is making the wand is making big bucks because if you get their wand you also have to buy their laps/ray's!
  11. PureLifeRN

    recapping saline bottles?

    We order our abx irrigation from pharmacy and it comes in a pour bottle with a label on it so I guess they must open it and put the baci/poly in it and then recap it themselves.
  12. PureLifeRN

    What computer system do you use in the OR?

    meditech, worst system in the world!
  13. PureLifeRN

    What if a hurricane hit your facility while you were there?

    All the hospitals I have worked in (south florida) have a Team A/Team B. Team A usually will get more $ per hour, especially if they have to stay there overnight.
  14. PureLifeRN

    Advertisement I just saw that made me mad!

    According to who?!?! I have seen a lot of BSN new grads and they "catch on" just as quick as ASN. And I have seen ASN new grads completly drown on the floor while the BSN new grads flourished and thrived. But your post is exactly the prevailing attitude of ASN nurses here on this site. I have seen posts like this over and over again, and it gets really old. Do you really think that getting an ASN makes you a better bedside nurse over a BSN?!? honestly.... I'm out.
  15. PureLifeRN

    Advertisement I just saw that made me mad!

    I feel the exact opposite! I feel that, on this site, BSN nurses are looked down upon and are made out to be not as smart or quick to catch on and that we are somehow clinically inferior to ASN nurses, which is not true. Our BSN grads are just as lost as the ASN grads, actually I have found that the BSN grads have better time managment.