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lckrn2pa has 19 years experience and specializes in ER.

Graduated PA school July 27th and will be starting an ER residency program November 1st 2012.

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  1. lckrn2pa

    first code

    One thing I learned recently that I never really thought about much, don't argue with the doc during a code. Recently during my ER rotation in PA school I went upstairs to step down unit for a code call. Primary nurse gave report as she went in to check on patient and he appeared to be having a seizure and the monitor was vtach. Ok, easy enough, the Vtach was not sustained and now the guy was alert, restless with some unifocal PVC's, couplets and 4 beat runs. Doc orders amiodarone 150mg IV and a RN and RT begin to argue that it was not Vtach but artifact from the guy being restless and refusing to give the amio. I pick up the original strip, look it over, yup, Vtach, no artifact to it. I hand it to the doc, tell him, yup, looks like Vtach to me. Super Nurse and RT-god glare at me and the nurse says "oh, your a student" very snide....to which I respond, yup, student PA, oh and 18 years ER experience, 2 years CVICU, past 8 years travel nurse, 30 or so different ER's from Norfolk to Hawaii, about a dozen Level 1 trauma centers and that strip is still Vtach lol. She would have been angry if the guy had not decided to have another symptomatic run of Vtach about this time and she finally comes on board with the doc and pushes the amio. Moral, if you disagree with the doc the do so in a professional manner and discuss the options, don't become territorial and irrational.
  2. lckrn2pa

    What is the difference between EKG and ECG?

    Electrokardiogram developed by Dr Willem Einthoven, a dutch physician. He won the 1924 Nobel Prize in Medicine for this. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willem_Einthoven
  3. lckrn2pa

    Working 7 on/7 off (1900-0700)?

    I dated an ER-NP that did that schedule but was 11-2300. It was hard, especially the last 2-3 days but we enjoyed it because I was working registry as a RN so I'd schedule myself the same hours/days so we would have 2 vacations a month.
  4. lckrn2pa

    giving iv argumentin

    Sanford Guide, Tarascon Pharmacopeia and Epocrates all list PO forms, no IV forms. As somebody has mentioned there is a company that makes IV but not avail in US, which is where I practice.
  5. lckrn2pa

    giving iv argumentin

    Oh, as a side note, Augmentin is not available in IV form only PO
  6. lckrn2pa

    giving iv argumentin

    Argumentin...............love it! Next time I have a patient not agree with my treatment plan I'm going to write for 2gm Argumentin cephalically lol
  7. Dang it Canes, I just spewed mountain dew all over my freaking keyboard, I'm in tears over here laughing so hard.....
  8. lckrn2pa

    Unusual physician order

    That stuff will even fight off a lower GI bleed. Hey, also a little strip of Iodoform inside your mask works great and hand 6-8 inch strips in the room and will take away the odor.
  9. lckrn2pa

    Unusual physician order

    I love it when administration thinks carpet is a good idea in hospitals. I worked a big inner city level 1 a few years ago and the powers that be decided to drop some money in the ER lobby, new paintings, flat screen tv's all over and carpet on the floors, light grey. ROFLMBO. 1st or 2nd night the homeboy ambulance service dropped some guy off at the door that got some kinda bad beatdown, bleeding all over that pretty grey carpet. They had to postpone the ribbon cutting so they could rip up the carpet and put tile back down.
  10. lckrn2pa

    What scares you most as a rn?

    Show me your facts. Show me the studies, show me peer reviewed documentation that directly links immunizations to autism. At this point there is no real evidence to the cause of autism and its only theory that has not bee proven. The one study done in 1998 by Wakefield and published in The Lancet was later retracted by the journal based a biased subject pool and was believed the author dishonest and irresponsible in his actions during the study. Show me proof. And after almost 20 years emergency nursing I can make my own decisions based on sound research, not based on what somebody tells me. No brainwashing here, I can read pretty good and form my own conclusions.
  11. lckrn2pa

    What scares you most as a rn?

    Then you know plenty of "educated" people that need to understand their actions can and most likely will effect others later in life. Take the recent measles outbreak in Minnesota and Utah. Both had multiple cases that were traced back to a single individual that had not been vaccinated. Before Measles vaccine there were about 500,000 cases each year with actual numbers believed to be well over 1 million and since those have dropped to around 40 cases per year until recent years. Over 150 cases as of mid June and per CDC "The majority of these cases are in foreign visitors and U.S. residents returning from international travel—mostly in unvaccinated U.S. residents"All this does is put the rest of us at risk and jeopardizes the herd immunity. Loss of this could be devastating to a population. just my 2cents tho.
  12. lckrn2pa

    What scares you most as a rn?

    Yea, that's right, my mistake. Still somebody that got famous by getting naked. Shows how much I pay attention to what they are saying but unfortunately the general public listens to the one that screams the loudest. It's hard to sit in front of a parent that believes this stripper and rejects every piece of evidence presented to them that it is indeed safe and the overall benefit far outweighs the risk. Sometimes I feel like I'm and rather just go :beer: and forget about the :monkeydance:. Frustrating.
  13. lckrn2pa

    What do you think of nurses who can't spell medical terms?

    Just depends I guess. I worked with an ER doc that spelled Rocephin as Rocefin. I'd correct him, correct the chart and next one I'd pick up would be same Rocefin. One of the sharpest docs I've ever worked with and a miracle worker with sutures. He could do a running subcuticular stitch and you'd be hard pressed to find the wound edges when he was done. Couldn't spell worth crap but one of the finest ER docs I have ever worked with.
  14. lckrn2pa

    What scares you most as a rn?

    Idiots that don't get their kids vaccinated because some woman that took off her clothes and became famous said it was bad (Carmen Electra). Believe a stripper over a healthcare provider, unbelievable.
  15. lckrn2pa

    New job if I pass the math test!

    It is 240 mL, not 240.0 mL. The trailing zero is on the do not use list for JCAHO because the decimal can be missed and its mistaken for 2400 mL.
  16. lckrn2pa

    Is nursing is not anything but a glorified CNA position?

    Here's the salt, I need more butter.....AND A PEPSI!!:D