What's your facility's policy? new PIV tubing to new CVL - page 2

Situation: Pt CABG/AVR/septal myoectomy POD 4 or 5. Pt on Heparin, Amiodarone pulls out PICC line at 0000. BP starts to decrease 80s/40s. You need to start Neo. PIV x 3 started- all bags/IV tubing changed. As pt's chest becomes... Read More

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    In my facility it is "new lines = new tubes (and bags of course.) regardless of how old the previous tubings are.

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    I agree with some of the prior posts. Our policy is also "New to new", but if the patient is dying, time does not permit stringing new tubing. You can't have a CLASBI if you have expired. Hopefully your teammates could step in and help in a scenario such as this.

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