More $$/hr for CCRN?

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    My facility doesn't give us any incentive to sit for the CCRN, except if we pass, they will reimburse the cost of the exam.

    (Regardless, I am taking it in the next 2 months for the knowledge and confidence. We only have 2 nurses still at the bedside (& one is PRN b/c he's a flight nurse) with this credential, so I would like to stand out at my facility with obtaining mine.)

    I've seen old threads, but wanted to ask for 2013...

    Any of you guys getting paid more for the cert?

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    All of the facilities where I am pay for specialty certs
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    I get about $1.20/hr here in NYC for my CCRN certification. Doesn't seem like much, but adds up to more than $2,000/year.
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    Nothing, nada, nope. Oh sure, they want you to have it as a feather in THEIR cap, but it comes out of your pocket.
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    I got my CCRN, CMC, and CSC certifications and hadn't gotten a dime more for my trouble. So I left to travel so they can search for a new bypass nurse.
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    we get a (taxed) bonus and the test paid for if you pass.
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    We get the first attempt at the exam AND a review course paid- and while we don't get a raise per se, it is a component of our clinical ladder which does involve $$.
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    Quote from Biffbradford
    Nothing, nada, nope. Oh sure, they want you to have it as a feather in THEIR cap, but it comes out of your pocket.
    This is precisely why I never took a certification exam when I was working in the hospital... it would serve THEM well as they need a certain percentage of their nurses certified for Magnet purposes but wouldn't do anything for me but increase the amount of CEUs I'm required to complete.
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    Yes we get a $500 cash bonus AND they reimburse for the test fee. We also get $2500/year for being certified. No more $$$ for BSN or MSN.
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    At my facility in Texas we get paid an extra $1/hr for CCRN and $0.50/hr for BSN. They do not reimburse for the cost of the test, but you easily make up the difference with the pay increase.

    Hope that helps!
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