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sweetdreame has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ER, Trauma ICU, CVICU.

SRNA....I should be studying right now...

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  1. sweetdreame

    Do you feel safe reporting errors?

    60 views, no responses!
  2. sweetdreame

    Standing Together for Vetrans

    Advanced Practice Nurses often find our practices limited for political reasons, having nothing to do with our skills, training, and abilities. Currently we are facing the battle of the decade regarding nursing practice. The VA system has proposed...
  3. I am doing DNP research on culture of safety and implications of disruptive and inappropriate behaviors in the clinical setting. We know that often, several errors lead up to a critical or sentinel event occurring. The key to prevention is for staf...
  4. sweetdreame

    SRNA looking for advice

    Wow! Thank you all so much for your advice! It really amazes me that some people expect you to clean up after them...that's crazy! I have had a few days in the O.R. now and I have to say that the circulators have been SO nice and friendly. They defi...
  5. sweetdreame

    Euthanasia. Murder or Mercy?

    I didn't read all the comments, but anyone who has worked in critical care or geriatrics for any length of time will agree that quantity does not equal quantity. I have tortured patients to death (with procedures and treatments) because their famili...
  6. sweetdreame

    Before going to CRNA school

    All ICU experience is good for CRNA school. The MOST important thing is that you take care of very sick patients and you make yourself think through what you are doing and why in each situation. If you are caring for super sick medical (or CV, or Tr...
  7. I'm so sorry to hear that you are going through this. Unfortunately, I don't think nursing school is the problem. There is no program, graduate school, post-graduate, etc. that doesn't allow for a few hours a week of free time. It is important to ...
  8. sweetdreame

    SRNA looking for advice

    Hello! I am an SRNA and while I am totally comfortable in the ICU, I am very new to the culture of the O.R. I just started clinicals and am trying to learn the ins and outs. I have so much respect for O.R. nurses and what you do, but I can't help ...
  9. sweetdreame

    Do I stand a chance at....

    Get your CCRN, there is no excuse not to have it. Most programs require it, but even if they don't they will ask why you don't have it when you interview. You have a good profile, but take the final step. Also, its not like the GRE...you actually ...
  10. sweetdreame

    Before going to CRNA school

    Hello! I am a second year SRNA and I have experience in ER, trauma ICU and CVICU. I definitely agree that you will suffer if you don't have ICU experience, but I think sometimes people minimize ER experience. I feel that my ER experience was PRICELE...
  11. sweetdreame

    RAnking of CRNA school

    Go-GetterRN I appreciate your questions and it seems that you are certainly on the right track. Baylor does not offer clinical sites outside the medical center of Houston. This is an advantage because all of your clinical sites are in a 2 mile radi...
  12. sweetdreame

    Part-time opportunities for CRNA's?

    I'm not sure you realize the extreme amount of work you would be in for. CRNA school is pressing pause on your LIFE for 3 years. That includes family activities, TV shows, hobbies, special events and pretty much everything. It seems pretty ridicul...
  13. sweetdreame

    Need help with ECG interpretation

    This book has very simple explanations for many ECG conundrums! I bought it as a new CV nurse and it was a required text for one of my courses in CRNA school. Taking physiology really helps, but this book breaks it down for you, even if you don't ha...
  14. sweetdreame


    Ckh is correct. Des is unstable at room temperature and normal atmospheric pressure (760mmHg) so it needs a specialized vaproizer to pressurize to 1500 mmHg and heat to 39 degrees celcius so that it can be safely and effectively delivered.
  15. sweetdreame

    The Story of the Pastry Chefs

    The Price of Pastries Christina and Milton both love pastries. They both have dreams of one day becoming pastry chefs and making excellent pastries. Let's follow their respective journeys after high school graduation. Christina Christina decides ...