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commonsense has 2 years experience and specializes in ICU.

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  1. Hi there, im replying to your post of you just finishing you BSN.  Congrats! You must feel a huge weight off your shoulders! I have a question and maybe you would be able to guide me. I am currently in Nurs 4465 vulnerable populations. We received our first project and it is the windshield survey. I am pretty lost when it comes to completing this project. I have filled most of it out but have no idea if I am headed in the right direction because there are alot of cultural and race questions which I am getting confused about. Any advice or guideline I can go off of of yours? Thanks so much!

  2. commonsense

    Receiving a open heart patient

    Sounds much more efficient than me. I typically just look at the patient and scratch my chin a couple times while saying hmmm. However, that's receiving, if assisting I run into my patients room and try to act busy so that I don't have to do anything...
  3. commonsense

    frustrated with transition to icu

    It does get better, but a transition to the ICU does come with a pretty steep learning curve. I agree with Liddle Noodnik on speaking with your nurse manager, possibly more orientation is needed. I believe the individual you orient with does more for...
  4. commonsense


    I was recently accepted for the TCU CRNA program, you've chosen schools wisely. No biology courses needed, but organic chemistry is an important one. It didn't seem to matter that I took all my chemistry courses at a community college, but they shoul...
  5. Getting your BSN and having an appropriate GPA is not one way to get into a CRNA program, it is the only way. Best of luck in your future endeavors.
  6. commonsense

    Fluid bolus by gravity or pump?

    Go with your gut.
  7. commonsense

    1750 hours for CCRN exam?

    As delphine22 said above, it depends on whether you are the primary provider for the patients. In my opinion, if you're doing all the charting, passing the meds, etc. with a preceptor watching over you, then you are the primary provider. If the prece...
  8. commonsense

    good report sheet

    ICU report is usually pretty basic because the nurses are generally type-A personality, no matter what you tell them they will double check anyways. I usually cover the background then go head to toe. -Admitted for: -MD: -HX: -All: -Neuro: -Cardiac: ...
  9. commonsense

    Contemplating CRNA

    Loans. Lots and lots of loans.
  10. commonsense

    TCU CRNA program for January 2015

    I'm in as well, I'll be doing the clinical portion at St. Joseph Medical Center in Houston. Best of luck to everyone.
  11. commonsense

    TCU CRNA program for January 2015

    How did everybody else's interview go, anybody got a good feeling?
  12. commonsense

    UT Houston applicants 2014

    I'll be there on October 2nd. I've heard it's a mix of clinical and personal questions, best of luck to everyone.
  13. commonsense

    Specifics about the required ICU experience

    Sounds fishy man. 2:1 is a typical ratio in the critical care setting, but having the ability to take critical drips but not a-lines doesn't sound right. My gut feel is that this job is a typical step-down unit position, meaning they're considering c...
  14. commonsense

    TCU CRNA program for January 2015

    I've got all my information in as well. I believe the interviews will be held late August - early September, good luck to you all.
  15. commonsense

    Nursing tougher for guys than girls

    Nursing school actually seemed easier for me because I was a guy. Being a guy makes you the minority, which results in people looking more closely at you. This allows you to stand out much easier than a woman might be able to. If it's a motivational ...
  16. commonsense

    Stethoscope covers OK for men?

    Nope, I don't have a rationale behind the answer, but no.