September 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

  1. Attached is an image with a missing caption. Your mission is to provide a caption for it. You may submit as many captions as you wish.

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    A Top 8 poll will be available 2 weeks from today. We will choose eight finalists in which you will vote for your favorite.

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    and the winner is Esme12 ... the cartoon may be viewed at Therapy for nurses ... Cartoon Contest Winner
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  3. by   Flnolegirl
    Nursing school killed all my brain cells!
  4. by   elprup
    I keep seeing tongues and twerking bears, oh my.
  5. by   Lev <3
    "I never go out, I don't eat like a normal person, I barely sleep, I don't have any fun, never exercise, have thoughts of failure in my head. Depressed, you say?"
  6. by   Lev <3
    I just haven't seen a ceiling in a while...
  7. by   NurseMotivated
    Soo, i can't help notice, from this angle, you have b/l lower extremities edema...
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  8. by   JoseQuinones
    "Doctor, PLEASE tell me that failing the NCLEX again is due to unresolved daddy issues and not a lack of study!"
  9. by   Glycerine82
  10. by   Rathyen
    Can you just hypnotize me so I can get a 45 minute nap without thinking about drip rates? I don't care about the cost!
  11. by   VivaLasViejas
    "Forgive me, Doctor, for I have sinned---I tried adjusting my meds on my own and haven't slept in four days!"
  12. by   Ticklelicious
    "I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It's all due to nursing. They trained you to be OCD."
  13. by   madwife2002
    " I had a dream...............
  14. by   Gentleman_nurse
    I keep having this wonderful dream that I'm back in nursing school and Leona Helmsley was my clinical professor.