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  1. Flnolegirl

    Study Buddy

    Hi Carri83 I'm in Fl as well. You can & will pass please do not get side tracked put a study plan together and stick 2 it
  2. Flnolegirl

    December Nclex Takers

    Prayers coming your way. Stay positive & confident.
  3. Flnolegirl

    I need help finding a tutor for NCLEX!!

    Congrats on passing...what's the tutor name u used
  4. Flnolegirl

    I need help finding a tutor for NCLEX!!

    TootRN is a tutor based in Broward or Palm Beach county
  5. Flnolegirl

    Failed nclex at 265

    I heard Hurst is really good I myself have not used used it...I used Kaplan & Uworld and failed...stay positive you can & will conquer NCLEX...
  6. Flnolegirl

    Failed my NCLEX RN exam (Graduated 11 years ago)

    Redo Uworld making sure you understand every rationale right or wrong & lacharity PDA
  7. Flnolegirl

    Kaplan CAT exam

    Did you do the whole QB 4 Kaplan...what part of the Remar review did u do...how were your Uworld scores
  8. Flnolegirl

    NCLEX October 2017

    I def will and thank u
  9. Flnolegirl

    NCLEX October 2017

    Not yet I changes the date cuz I wasn't focused after the hurricane
  10. Flnolegirl

    NCLEX October 2017

    Congrats to everyone else who also passed
  11. Flnolegirl

    NCLEX October 2017

    Nadu13 congrats you conquered NCLEX
  12. Flnolegirl

    Lippincott Passpoint Nclex scores

    I hope you get your results soon. Do you feel like pass point prepared you? Were the questions similar?
  13. Flnolegirl

    NCLEX October 2017

    Yes you will! I need to follow your strategy as far as social media. I have no power right now due to Irma so that won't be hard. We are in crunch time now!
  14. Flnolegirl

    3rd time taking nclex rn

    í ½í¹ you passed!
  15. Flnolegirl

    NCLEX October 2017

    Your app has to be processed by your state BON & Pearson cue needs $200 now I know here in Fl it took bout 30-45 days for all my stuff to process once you get you ATT you can schedule your test....Hurst is about $300-350 if I remember correctly someone correct me if I'm wrong
  16. Flnolegirl

    NCLEX October 2017

    It's def things to do in your area