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Just finished my BSN, now I'm hungry for more knowledge!

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  1. JoseQuinones

    Why I'm leaving nursing

    This response to the culture shock of real life is a direct result of the self-esteem and safe space atmosphere we have created. Lord help us all.
  2. JoseQuinones

    Intermediate Algebra Vs College Algebra

    Don't look at the algebra as a destination, but as a language. You will need that algebra to be able to speak the language of science in your chem and biochem classes, so the more you learn now, the easier it will be once you hit those subjects. There is no "easier," just fluent and more fluent.
  3. 1. Put everything else in your life off to one side and concentrate on school. This not the time to figure life stuff out. This is the life stuff you figured out. 2. Sidestep all the drama. Don't take sides in any of the inevitable cliquing, group project disputes, and general cattiness. They say that nurses eat their young. Unfortunatly, it seems to start in nursing school. Older students eat newer ones, and peers eat each other. Stay out of it. You are there to get your degree, not to to wage war. 3. Keep extracurriculars to a minimum. No matter what professors and school officials tell you, no employer cares if you were involved in the student nursing council or took honors classes in drama or ran for student government. These spaces are the perfect setting for the ugliness I mentioned in #2. If you want to expand your resume, look for volunteer opportunities outside of your school with established organizations like the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, Susan Komen, Mercy Ships, your local houses of worship, etc. You will do more on a summer missions trips to Haiti through a church than you will do in four years of Nursing Association meetings in the school rec center. And you will be with caring, compassionate adults who know people and can open doors, not with catty teenagers. 4. School will only teach you so much. Take charge of your NCLEX studying and start today. This site is full of recommendations. 5. Most important rule: Don't party and booze around. You are in nursing school. This is what you came to do. Hungover students bomb tests. They flunk out with tons of debt. Don't let peer pressure and bad "friends" who will never be nurses pull you down. Avoid the party animals like the plague. Good luck!
  4. JoseQuinones

    My I'm going to medical school

    All due respect, elkpark, but I will. I think both sides of medicine are hugely important, both the nursing and the doctor side. We all need each other. Perhaps I won't run around on the floor with that badge, but in my public life I will. Heck, I'll put it on the jackets of my books too (supposing I write books, but you get my drift).
  5. JoseQuinones

    My I'm going to medical school

    Hear hear. Looking around at the medical field as it is, I made a decision to finish my BSN and head to medical school once I complete the prerequisites. I love being a nurse, I will always be a nurse, and nothing will take that from me. At the same time, there is one other important reason I am doing this that you did not mention: A seat at the table. I want to be someone who has influence and is able to contribute to the shape of how things develop in our world. No matter how desperately we nurses try to convince ourselves otherwise, the world will never see us as having the same level of expertise and authority as doctors. Whether it comes to governmental policy or institutional boards, we never make up more than a token presence. Take a look at the board of your hospital and count how many RN's are on it. In the community, it's even worse. Don't believe me? Go to any committee meeting where some piece of legislation is being considered. The other day I went to the capitol of my state for an education committee meeting having to do with nurse to student ratios in our public school system. Nurse this and NP that got up and each time they spent the first few minutes defending their title, their experience, and explaining to the committee why their work, education, etc. makes them an expert witness. Dr. So and So gets up to testify. "So, what do you do?" "I am a pediatrician." "Okay, thank you very much. What do you want to present today?" They respected the pediatrician over a nurse on a nursing issue. Take a deep breath and absorb that before you throw stones at me. My main concern is not to protect my ego as a nurse. I understand the frustrations of people who think we're not taken seriously enough. But to get the things done that I care about, I'm not holding my breath that society will wake up to the role of nurses. To many people - and I hear this a lot from "civilians" - our constant reminders that we are educated professionals, not doctors' assistants, sounds like we're insecure. People tell me, "If you people are more than 'just a nurse' then why do you have to keep saying it so much?" The day will come when I will wear with pride the badge that says, "José Quiñones, RN, BSN, MD."
  6. JoseQuinones

    Drug seekers

    When the devastating earthquake hit Haiti a few years back I went over with a group from Puerto Rico to offer help. The smell. The carnage. The sheer size of the need. After the only thing you can offer to a young mother with two little ones and a shattered pelvis is a Tylenol, the drug seekers back in our reality seem less important. Give them what they want and get them out of your hair so you can help others who do need you.
  7. JoseQuinones

    Is nursing school really "that" bad?

    It's true that nursing school will predominate your waking hours, but if you enjoy it, is that such a bad life? In my case my wife is 100% supportive and comes with me to school when she can. While I am in class she will be in the library or down the hall working on her books or maybe proofreading my research papers. That way we get to spend time in the car before and after class and we share the excitement of learning together. It's not "my" thing, it's "our" thing. Few people are lucky enough to have such a special partner. I also work full time while studying full time, by the way, and it is not easy but not impossible. I never socialize outside of class with my classmates because frankly I do not have the time. Some people tell me that is missing the "college experience" but these people are the ones coming to me desperately asking for help with their PICOt question at the last minute. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from my ADN, am one trimester from finishing my BSN, and now I am setting my sights even higher with full confidence that "we" can do this together. So your life will change a lot, but it will not end if you embrace the difference and live it.
  8. JoseQuinones

    Want to Begin Exercising? Check out Your Local Church

    My church is right next to a public park with a covered basketball park. The church adopted the Federal housing project next door and we adults play basketball with three teams from the project. These kids can MOOOOOVE!!! I have never sweated so much or laughed so hard.
  9. JoseQuinones

    Asking Former Preceptor for Some Space

  10. JoseQuinones

    communicating with patient dilemna with native tongue

    On my first day of rotation at the VA, my professor put me to a patient who spoke only Korean and broken English (my first language is Spanish). "Sink or swim," she said. We swam beautifully.
  11. JoseQuinones

    Gay student attending Christian Nursing school?

    You have your choice of state and secular schools to attend. Christians pay taxes to support these institutions like everyone else. Tolerance cuts both ways. If you force people to allow activities they disapprove of on their campuses, you are being intolerant. Taken to extremes, it can cross into religious persecution - something which is outlawed in the First Amendment. Whether you believe it or not, these strict colleges and their donors believe that God disapproves of sexual behavior outside of one man / one woman marriage. They are not singling out homosexual relationships, they are defining what they see as acceptable given their deeply-held beliefs and convictions about life and love and expecting their students to uphold those standards if they agree to admit them. No one is forcing anyone to apply there. Live and let live, I say.
  12. JoseQuinones


    Jensmom7, here is the video for you!
  13. JoseQuinones

    The Dreaded Group Projects

    Do your part and theirs, get your good grade (and they will too) and then let life sort them afterward. Their time is coming. I know it all feels so unfair, but your primary concern is your grade. Don't let their irresponsibility damage you. School is not the real world, and they will discover this in a hurry when they graduate. Or else lose their jobs.
  14. JoseQuinones

    What can I do? - Roommate enjoys cock-fighting events!

    It is none of your business and you need to stay out of it. A wise man once said, "Like one who grabs a stray dog by the ears is someone who rushes into a quarrel not their own" (Proverbs 26:17).
  15. JoseQuinones

    Hate my job

    Bring a chair of your own. Toughen up. Look for solutions. Stop taking everything personally. You would stop worrying about how people think of you if you realized how rarely they do.
  16. JoseQuinones

    Cheating on the nclex??

    Please drop the apology about racism. There is nothing racist about worrying whether your coworker speaks enough English to provide excellent care to their clients. My first concern before going to nursing school was to learn English, and learn it well. I wanted to take the NCLEX, and I knew that it was in English. If you were to be a nurse in my original home country (the Dominican Republic) you would have to demonstrate the ability speak Spanish well. Why? Because the people speak Spanish. English ability should be a requirement to practice nursing in the USA for the same reason. It is not racism, it is patient justice. I swear, this political correctedness is going to kill us all.