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  1. 5
    Love the site.

    At this stage, I come here to learn and share info. I use this site for research when I get off shift.
    Just to gain a new perspective or better understanding of things. Maybe, I'll have a question about some condition and wonder what the nurses on AN have to say about...or if anyone's gone through it.

    I want to be good at what I do and this site has a lot of knowledgeable - highly skilled - people. No joke!
    Not too long ago, I had my first hospice pt and I was researching about 'comfort measures' in the Hospice specialty section.
    'To turn or not turn'.
    'Clearing up misconceptions about morphine'.

    TRUST ME -- that information came in handy! My pt's family member was on the phone with her sister discussing roxanol and said something to the effect of 'yes - they gave him the morphine to sedate him, I guess'. The first question out of her mouth when she got off the phone? "Did I explain that correctly? He's sedated...because of the morphine?"
    That was an opportunity to educate them.
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  2. 5
    I think this site is very informative and I look forward to learning more and meeting other great colleagues here as well.
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  3. 4
    Hi there
    Love the fact, when I find a moment and I'm curious what other RN's are doing/thinking about certain issues, that I can log on and peruse.
    Very very very very helpful.
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  4. 3
    Add "I don't know" or N/A to the survey question options.

    Using the keyboard versus just typing is awkward.

    thanks for being here for us! isn't it funny I don't remember how I heard about AN (2003)
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    What all the above posters have said.
    I love allnurses. It is my nursing family.
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    2 thumbs UP!
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    Two thumbs up (
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    I cannot tell you how much I enjoy this site.
    It provided me with a way to relate to colleagues as I was searching for a job after being out of the field for 12 yrs.

    I am back at work, and AN helped me tremendously as far as the current state of nursing, the interview process, etc.

    I have laughed and cried while reading posts.

    And I love the fact that I can post a question, and have expert responses within a few hrs. Thanks to all the nurses who post here!

    Thank you, and keep up the good work!
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  9. 2
    I have been able to find the answer or if not a discussion about any nursing related question I have had so far as a member! I think that this site is fantastic and would not be what it is without all of the wonderful members who share their stories, experiences, and opinions!
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    Done! Great site!
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