Results of Article Contest - Write about anything

  1. 1 wow, you all submitted so many wonderful articles for our write about anything - a non-nursing article contest at great job! thanks to all who participated!

    the members cast their votes, the staff provided feedback and the winners are....

    drum roll...
    drum roll...

    1st place - $350: if i could see you one last time... this is what i would say. by nursealwaysnforever

    2nd place - $250: alzheimer's: the curse and the blessing by ruby vee

    3rd place - $150: the magic of kleenex by firefightingrn

    4th place - $100: ninety-nine percent spirit by karenbuley

    5th place - $75: sandpaper kisses by elizabeth, rn

    6th place - $50: nana i have to go! by praying_mantis

    congrats to all of you, you all will be upgraded to a platinum membership as well as your prize money! happy holidays!

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    congrats to everyone - great articles!
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    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
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    Thanks for doing this - makes for very interesting reading!!

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    I wanted to congratulate everyone on submitting great articles and I wanted to thank you and the staff Brian, for announcing the results of the contest before Christmas so that the winners have a nice little stocking stuffer.
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    CONGRATS to all the winners!!!!!
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    excellent, well done to everybody who submitted I really enjoyed reading these articles.

    Congratulations to the winners
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    Awesome...well deserved.....congrats!
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    Well done everyone

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