2011 Q1 Article Contest Results

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    the allnurses.com members cast their votes, the allnurses.com staff provided feedback and the winners are....


    1. how to survive (and thrive) in nursing school by 86toronado ... $250
    2. precepting the preceptor by ruby vee ... $125
    3. he rose again-a lesson learned by cav5 ...$75


    1. how an rn handle personal and professional stress by yayamomrn ... $250
    2. paperweight by jaelpn ... $125
    3. can you deflate the tire around your waist? by sheryl18 ... $75

    congratulations to all the winners, on top of the prize money, all winners will be upgraded to a platinum membership valued at $60.

    winners please keep an eye on your private messages for processing payments.

    thanks to everyone who participated in the contest and shared your articles! we will announce the next contest in the near future.
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    Congratulations everyone!!
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    ruby vee
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    Good job!
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    Thank you so much, I'm so excited!!!!! What wonderful news this was and a total shock. Thank you again.
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    Enjoyed reading and voting on these articles...Good work all!!

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    Well done and congratulations xx
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    Congratulations and Kudos to all the winners!
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