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my 4 yr old is sick again!


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hey guys!

my 4 yr old has been sick since starting school this fall (one virus after another) and i have to stay home from a&p for the 3rd time! thankfully, i think it is just lab on muscles-but i am worried about starting clinicals. my mother in law can cover for me sometimes and watch my kids, but i hate to ask, and today i have to take him to the doctor. i am just wondering what other people with kids do when they get sick? i feel guilty about going to school because my kids are my first priority. yet, i want to do this for myself, ya know?



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It's a tough decision. No right or wrong answer.


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I have no advice, but wanted to tell you that i totally relate to your situation. Every week since school has started, someone in my family has been sick, and it never fails, its my class day when i get a call to pick up one of my kids from school.

I came to the realization that i can't apply to a nursing program until my kids are older, or i come up with a reliable sick-sitter.

P.s i think after the first few years in elementary school, the resistance to fight a virus is much better. Kindergarten is tough.


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Can your husband not assist with sick child, doc appts??? I was lucky, and I found a single parent with two daughters, who all chipped in to help me during school. My daughter had a trach, so finding a sitter, and getting them trained wasn't easy! I also had to bring my child to school once, and everyone was great about it! Even one of my fellow students husband who was a medic, volunteered to babysit. Hey if it takes asking grandma for help, I would:)!


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I also have the same suggestion. Your husband should be pitching in if at all possible. Doesn't he get sick time at his place of employment?

I think a lot of us, don't discuss the sick situation with our husbands before starting work/school. Thankfully, my older, wiser sister told me to talk with my dh about this BEFORE working or going to school. Turns out he gets a lot more sick time than I knew (he never calls out). So he already has agreed to stay home with Kayla when she needs it.

I hope you can work something out with your dh.

Hugs, I can relate. I've been in school 6 weeks now my husband has already taken 3 days off. My sister has pitched in. I phoned my brother-in-law in an emergency. It's been one problem after another, but somehow we have managed to work through it. Just come up with as many plan Bs as you can. Definitely start working with your husband. He shouldn't always have to be the one to take off, but you shouldn't either.


Is this your son's first year in daycare? I remember my son was sick a lot the first year till he built up his immunities. Same with me back when I used to teach preschool. Hang in there...he will get better. When my son is sick (not much anymore), his dad and I split the day staying home with him. That way, each of us are only missing half a day, rather than a whole day. Can you and your husband do something like that?

Hugs to you and hope he gets well soon.

I totally worry about the same thing! :chair: My kids are in school, and I know I can get sitters for days when they don't have school. But it's a totally different question when they're sick! Most of the mom's that are willing to pinch-hit for me have younger kids at home, and don't want them to end up sick! We don't have any family that lives nearby.......and my dh is a teacher, and can only take off so much. I get stressed about it too, because my kids are totally my priority, and yet, they (the RN program) only allow you to miss 2 clinicals before knocking your butt out of the program!!! :eek: I would love some ideas too! Heather


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Well, just an update-my kiddo has allergies-thats why he keeps getting "sick." He has a sinus infection on top of that. I am relieved to find out what the problem is, and now hopefully we wont be home as much with *that* particular illness.

Part of the problem is that my husband travels for work, so when he is in town (2-3 days during the school week) he helps out tons with the boys. They just always get sick etc on days he just cant contribute. It will all work out in the end. I have help in my MIL, and I will just have to bite the bullet and ask for it!



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i pray he improves soon.

Hey Amy,

Know exactly where your comming from. My three year old was throwing up all over everything yesterday, and his six year old sister was complaining of a sore throat. Needless to say it's not easy going to school and trying to absorb topics like A&P or Micro with only a couple of hours of sleep.

Usually when the kids are well, the days that I go to school, I send them down to my MIL's house. If their sick, then either me or my wife will rotate staying home during the heavier parts of the illness.

But I couldn't imagine how my wife and I could get through this without my mother in laws help though. In my native culture, a lot of times grandparents help with the grandkids while their own kids go to work.

If your MIL is retired, I would try to see if she would be willing to help you out a little bit with her grandkids. Never hurts to approach her with your situation and ask if she would be willing to help. After all by helping you she is helping her son and grandchildren as well(in the long and short term).

Another option is to see if you can find a stay at home mom in your area, or a retired person that would be willing to look after your child on a consistent or part time basis. That's what my sister did and it worked out to be a lot cheaper then daycare.

Also try to find, as someone suggested, some alternatives for cases when option A isn't available and you need to rely on option B for emergencies and unforseens.

p.s. try networking through your family and friends to see if you can get any leads to solving your childcare situation.

Good Luck, B.T.H

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