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Hi, I'm 19 years old, male who is thinking about taking a BS in nursing. Whats the average age? I know people going to be much older than me and i dont think I will fit in with only 30+ people in my class and thats my biggest concern being the only young male student :S How many young 20's are there compared to the rest? I know its difficult to say, but how many would you say? Thanks. / Young


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Iam 19, going on 20, and I am the one of the youngest in my entire class of 107. I am also one of the few males. I'd say maybe ten percent of my class is male.


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Iam 19, going on 20, and I am the one of the youngest in my entire class of 107. I am also one of the few males. I'd say maybe ten percent of my class is male.

How many would you say are "about your age"?.

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Hope you don't mind a females point of view. I am currently in a class of 35. Of those 30 5 are males (just shy of 25%). The ages range from 19 to 30. I'd say that the average age of the 5 guys is early 20's.

When we first started there were a total of 60 students, and 15 of those were men (thats 25%). Again ranging from 18 to early 30's. (average age mid 20's)

You'd be surprised who you "fit in" with in nursing school. I am 38 years old (39 come april) and I have made friends with all the guys. And most of the women, they range from 18 to 30's also. I "fit in" with people I never thought I would. Different backgrounds, different beliefs, different customs, nationalities etc. I am on the opposite side of you. I am among the older students in my class. I am the 3rd oldest in my class. I am the only one of all the students that is the traditional "soccer mom" types. So like you I was worried about not "fitting in". Much to my pleasant surprise, I fit in just fine and pretty much right away. we all tend to get along and help each other.

Don't let the fear of being the youngest male in class stop you from persuing nursing. The younger guys in my class have a bit of an edge since all the "older" mom-types like me taking them under their wing and helping them along. Not to mention the attention of most of the younger women :)

Best of luck to you.


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I would say that most of the guys are mid twenties, though there are a couple in thrities or fourties. Though I fit in pretty well with the ladies:up:


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All the guys in my class were in their 20s, (2 of us started when we were 18) and 2 were older, like 28 or so.


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I'm in a four year program at a university in New Jersey. First semester the class started out with about 160 students with probably about 7 male students.

Now, second's down to 107 (alot of people weren't able to make it through Anatomy & Physio I) of which about 5 are males.

I'm 18..and we're all around the same age.


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My experience in teaching nursing in a few different places has been that community college programs tend to have a wider range of student ages, and a higher proportion of older students, and BSN programs tend to have a majority "traditional" college age students (late teens-early 20s) and only a sprinkling of older students. That's just one person's observation, though.

I will say I have also seen some great friendships formed between the younger and older students, though -- I would encourage you not to base a decision on attending a particular nursing program on the likely ages of your classmates! :)


I'm a 23 year old male, going on 24 this May. The nursing program I applied to doesn't start until September 2008, so I have no idea what my fellow costyudents are like. However, I have to admit that is the least of my fears. I usually always fit in, especially in a program as hard to get in as nursing, youre bound to find only the best of the best, usually the kindest people. Good luck to you all.

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yeah to all us 19 year olds!!! no just joking, ahh dont worry bout it, i'll be 20 when i start my bs program your definitely not alone!

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I wouldn't worry about how well you fit in. You are going to be too busy with homework and clinicals for it to matter.


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Hey there. It's funny how it seems everyone is concerned with their age going into this type of program. I can see your point of view. I've also heard from some of the older students in my class (40+) that they wondered how they might "fit in". I'm 31 and I figured I'd be in the middle and not relate to anyone! LOL.. Go figure. Truth be told, we're all in the same boat man. Regardless of age, everyone just wants to be accepted for who they are. Besides, who cares about the age of fellow students. We're all students. I'd be thinking about my first job in a hospital with professionals of all ages with all kinds of experience. Not meaning to scare you, just stuff I think about. Good Luck.

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