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Wow I can't believe this


I PASSED!!!!!!! I just finished what in our school is considered to most difficult semester. My final grade was a B-. I am very happy and looking forward to my final nursing school semester. Loads of luck to all!!!:D :D :D

Congratulations! I'm happy for you. I know how you feel. I can't wait for May to come to graduate too. It feels good to know that you are almost to the end.

Congratulations, again.:roll

Havin' A Party!, ASN, RN

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Betcha can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


I got my final grade of B- today too , also on a very difficult semester (Med Surg II). Whew!!!!!! It was touch and go for awhile, but with a lot of prayers and determination, I made it through. Now I can "relax" and enjoy Christmas and my break. Congratulations to everyone too who made it through and passed!

live4today, RN

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:balloons: Congratulations RN2b! Hope you enjoy your break, too.

It has been a tough haul but it has been alot of fun too. I am looking forward to walking across that stage in June!


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congratulations rhona!

maire, ASN, RN

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Lots of congo rats going around the board lately! Way to go! :)

Recieved my grade and got a B+ not too bad considering I didn't study very much. Onward to the final semester.:)

bluesky, BSN, RN

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Originally posted by maire

Lots of congo rats going around the board lately! Way to go! :)

What's a congo rat?

woohoo... good for you! Wish I was there!:balloons:

Originally posted by bluesky

What's a congo rat?

Congo rat = congrat ;)

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