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hello allnurses family!

i am a new grad lpn with no prior healthcare experience and had an interview today. i have 2 questions. the first is would you take this job?

ltc facility in fl, $17.50/hr, the shift is called baylor. basically, i work a double on saturday and a double on sunday (32 hours) and get paid for 40 hours. so if i decided to pick up extra shifts during the week it would be overtime. on the 7-3 shift i would have 30 patients and they usually (her words not mine) have treatment nurse. on the 3-11 shift, i would be responsible for meds and treatments for all 30 patients. they also said that i would be the direct supervisor to all cna's on my hall so, with them, i would be responsible for more than just delegation.

pro's: it's a job (enough said), i get an extra 8hrs on each check so i guess you can say i'm making like $21.88/hr, i only work 2 days, have the entire week off (perfect for school) and yet, get a 40hr paycheck. . . did i mention it was a job? :yeah:

con's: my husbands days off are saturday and sunday. . we are almost newlyweds (a year and a half next month) and, unless one of us takes a sick day, we would have no days off together. . . ever! the pay is a little less than what i was hoping for, i only get three days orientation!! (did i mention i'm a new grad with no prior healthcare experience), 30 patients is alot, especially if i also have to do their treatments and be "the direct supervisor" of 7-9 cna's as well. the drive is 45 minutes and i'm not quite sure with this type of schedule i would qualify for benefits. (health care benefits i don't care about but i mean as far as pto and holiday pay, etc.) not to mention, i will be working 32 hours in a 48 hour time span!! . . . whoa!

soooo. . . . would you take this job?

my second question is that last tue, i had my wisdom teeth removed. i was prescribed vicodin but stopped taking it on friday because i hated the way it made me feel and so i've been making do with 800mg ibu. today after the interview they gave me a drug screen and although i have had almost 5 days, i still feel really worried that it'll show up. i have a prescription to back it up but i would just like to get started asap and don't want any unnecessary delays.

soooo. . . . what are the odds of the apap showing up?

sorry this was so long but thanks in advance to all that take the time to reply!


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Go ahead and take the job. It's a JOB! Don't worry about the Vicodin. It's been more than 72 hours and you have a legit script for it.

Making the decision to take that first job is not easy. Sometimes you have to go ahead and jump right on into it, for better or for worst.

Let us know what happens.......:wink2:


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At these tough economic times, I will take the job. Best of luck to you!

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Kiddo, take the job. The money is OK and your husband understands. It will work out in the long run. When an opening happens on another shift, you would have already paid your dues and just might get it.

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The only drawback I see is the potential very little sleep you'll get... maybe 5 hrs and then have to pull another 16, If you're young, go for it . I do WE baylor but only sat/sun 10 hrs, i love having the whole week off. I use to work with a nurse who had a near hr commute did 2 12's and after charting, report and commute she had about 4 hrs sleep

I agree with everyone that has responded. Take it. In these times beggars can't be choosers.

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Well, how desperate are you? I wouldn't take the job, but then, I'm older and I know I'd die with those kind of hours. Do you have any supervisory experience? If not, it's going to be trial by fire for you with dealing with all of those CNAs. Additionally, the 3 day orientation is insane, imo.


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Well, i'm 21 years old. I'll be 22 next month and everyone says that I'm young enough that I could pull it off and as far as the hours, i believe that i could (I can only sleep for 6hrs at a time anyway). In reality...I guess I'm just SCARED! I guess thats normal but I'm also concerned that as a result of a combination of my lack of experience and very young age in comparison to many of the CNA's I will work with, I may run into some problems. I don't want to tell anyone what to do, I only want to do my job as efficiently as possible but even today walking down the hall with the UM, I already started getting the "looks" and even a few eye rolls!! Sigh. . .IDK.

But again, I REALLY need a job and as you all have been saying, in these times, beggars can't be choosers. I should be glad to even have an offer.

By the way, Jen the RN2009, I do have very minimal supervisory experience (in charge of 2 ppl! LOL!) but I was 18 and it was NOTHING of this magnitude! I suppose I should get used to it though as I will be an RN in less than a year. . .

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If I were you.... I would take the job, nerves and all, and appreciate the evenings during the week in which my husband and I could spend time together. I know that supervising 30 people may be nerve-whacking, but you'll get used to it within the first week or so. If anything, they will most likely help you in what you should or shouldn't be doing. If the hiring management didn't think you couldn't handle it, they wouldn't offer you the position! I would just stay strong, be motivated, and enjoy the experience you would be getting out of this position! It's only the weekend and then you'd have the whole week to do whatever you needed to do (you mentioned school)! I'd say keep your head up, stay positive, and GO FOR IT! You'll do well! If you didn't have worries, then I'd say you wouldn't be the right person for the job! Jut because you ARE questioning says a lot about you! Go For It and Do Well!

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I agree with what others have stated here that a job is a job. You will be getting some experience which will help you down the road.

Don't worry about the med. I take a prescription narcotic and it always shows up. They just ask to look at the actual bottle of med. No worries.

I wish you the best of luck.

My best advice is have faith and believe in yourself because obviously somebody believes in you not many people who just graduated get a supervisor postion offered to them. I would take it and your husband will understand. THE ECONOMIC time is hard so take what you can get you may not be offered anything better.


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I would say take it...and continue looking. Or at least work for 6 months and look more. Ask if you feel you need more orientation after 3 days.

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