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Karynica, RN has 15 years experience and specializes in Home Health, Geriatrics.

RN since 1996. Married.I have 2 daughters ages 18 and 26.

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  1. Karynica, RN

    What does "WWP" stand for in a job title?

    I can't find it either. Where did you see that title? what country/state?
  2. Karynica, RN

    looking at my daughters medical record

    I feel for you. It is so aggravating to have a physician who refuses to do blood work because they think one looks well. My daughter was sitting there with a sheet around her shoulders shivering and because she didn't have a temp the doctor didn't think it necessary to do labs. I had her back 2 days later and insisted on labs. The physician acted as though she didn't think it necessary and was even wondering if the labs should be done in the office or the hospital. I told her I didn't care where they were done...DO THEM! It took 4 days to get back the results because it was the weekend and the doctor was off on Monday. Tuesday morning she calls me to say my daughter has the blood work of someone in renal failure and to have the blood work done again at the hospital. 2 hours later she calls back to tell me my daughters heart could stop at any time and to get her to the ER. I told all of this to the medical director who is doing the investigation into this. I don't want anyone else to go through what my daughter has been through. I wish you the best. :)
  3. Karynica, RN

    looking at my daughters medical record

    Thank you for your response. My daughter was taken to a much larger hospital away from this area because the hospital here stated she needed specialized care they could not give. Thank Goodness. There is a team of doctors working with my daughter including a Nephrologist, hematologist, a GI/GU specialist and several other doctors. They have been wonderful. They have sent her blood work to a much larger lab which takes weeks to get back results. We are in a waiting game right now, but at least I know that she has some very good people watching out for her well being now. My poor daughter also had to have an endoscopy and colonscopy in the same day. She has really been through so much. Thanks again for your help :)
  4. Karynica, RN

    looking at my daughters medical record

    Thank you SonorityGenius and canesdukegirl for your intelligent replies. My daughter's primary care physician refused to do blood work because she stated my daughter looked "physically well". Upon my insistence, blood work was done and it was found that her potassium level was so low she had to be taken to the ER immediately for IV potassium, CT scans showed her liver and spleen were enlarged and her kidneys were failing. 2 days later her hemoglobin dropped to 7 and she had to have a blood transfusion and hospitalized for 4 days. It has been a very difficult time for us. Thanks again. Karynica
  5. Karynica, RN

    looking at my daughters medical record

    My daughter is 18 and I am her health care power of attorney. She doesn't understand the widely used words of the medical profession. My daughter has been very sick lately and she was misdiagnosed by her primary health care provider. She requested a new physician. Since my daughter was in the hospital for 4 days due to the misdiagnoses, we wanted to view her medical record and get an idea of just what the past physician had written in her record. We had been given a "tip" of sorts by another health care professional who works in the same building, that the record had several errors. While we sat and viewed the medical record, the medical director and the quality assurance nurse sat there with us. It annoyed me. I knew someone would be there because it's their policy, but to have these two individuals there talking, was ruining my concentration. I was there to look at the record and I have two individuals speaking and asking if we have any questions. I am ready to call back and set up another time to look at her record without these two watching our every movement. I don't care that someone is in the room with us, but to annoy us to the point where we can't even read the record without an intrusion is ridiculous. Any thoughts?
  6. The instructor in question sounds just like all the nursing instructors I had back in the 90's. Our skills instructor actually got under the bed to check how wrinkled the sheets were. (we didn't use fitted sheets then). It was a nightmare. We would have to re-do the beds repeatedly. Instructors jumped onto us for the simplest of things and made us feel worthless. It's a wonder any of us made it through. The ADN program started out with 50 students and 28 graduated. It's not easy being in nursing school. Sometimes I think the instructors act too much like drill sergeants. They want to weed out as many as possible. I really feel bad for your classmate. It isn't fair, but it's what I had to deal with during both my LPN and ADN program. If she really needs to say something, just let her know it might come back and bite her when she least expects it. Talking to the instructor may be the best avenue.
  7. Karynica, RN

    LPN Day Shift Supervisor?

    I work for a LTC facility. I haven't been there long. I was talking to the 7p-7a RN who works on the unit where I will be working and she told me day shift has an LPN who is charge. There are RN's working the day shift and this LPN is considered charge over them?? How can that be when the Illinois Nurse Practice Act specifically states that an LPN is only in charge of nurse aides?? I understand that the LPN is a very good nurse, except for the fact that the RN orientating me found SEVERAL mistakes made by that very LPN. These were med errors written in the wrong residents charts and doctors signing off on these in the wrong charts too. Anyone have any thoughts? And no I don't have anything against LPN's. :) :)
  8. Karynica, RN

    Fired all the LPN's

    That is just really sad. I am sorry to hear about such a thing happening, but it seems to be happening to many facilities. Here in Illinois some of the dialysis facilities have completely decided to no longer have LPN's and only hire RN's. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but this may be state wide. I do feel for those nurses who were let go without notice. That is just such a terrible thing to do.
  9. Karynica, RN

    What's in your pocket(s)?

    RN in long term care. What would you find in my pockets 2 hours into the shift? 1. writing pen 2. possibly a couple of unopened alcohol wipes (those pesky finger sticks) 3. a piece of paper with all the initials of residents who need finger sticks and the times to do them 4. another piece of paper with blood glucose numbers and patient initials to be charted...those numbers might also be on the unopened alcohol wipes too 5. some breath mints 6. maybe some lose change That's it! :)
  10. Karynica, RN

    new grad RN in LTC- overwhelmed!

    Is there no DON because he/she left and they haven't been replaced in a month? That seems like such a long time to be without a DON. Who is responsible for what goes on with nursing? I hope they don't have you as just the warm body to point a finger at and say "there's our RN" just to be up to code/standard. I give you my best wishes :)
  11. Karynica, RN

    I hate being a LPN in LTC. The horror!

    Sorry to hear that you are having such a miserable time with your LTC job. WELCOME TO LTC! I have worked as a registered nurse at 4 LTC facilities and it's the same at every single one. My first evening of orientation I was placed on the med cart by the LPN who was training me, and sent on my merry way down a hall not even knowing ANY of the residents. Talk about a nightmare. It got easier as time passed, but that med pass was one from hell. As the RN I was required to work both the medicare hall and another hall. The LPN who worked with me got the much easier 3rd hall, but was required to do all the treatments on my hall 2 only because of all the extra work I had to do as the RN. I have worked in facilities where the RN doesn't do the med passes, but at the majority of places I have done the med passes on 2 halls. Yes, it's a nightmare. We do borrow from other residents, not supposed to, but do it. Usually someone hasn't pulled a sticker on a card. I would call pharmacy and get that resolved immediately. LTC isn't for everyone, but sometimes that is where the jobs are and you have to go where the jobs are. I am currently working LTC at a facility that has low census and 2 nurses working in 2 separate locations in the building. At least I am not alone as I was for many years at another LTC facility where I had 75 residents to myself on the night shift. It wasn't a good thing. I wish the best for you. It does get better with time.
  12. Karynica, RN

    3rd shift roll call!

    LTC here working 7pm-7am. I wouldn't have it any other way. I have another nurse on the other wing that does her thing and I do mine. If we need help we can call each other. It's quiet without management, housekeeping, dietary, etc. I like it that way and wouldn't have it any other way. :)
  13. Karynica, RN

    Non-Compliant Alzheimer Patient

    yep, crush them and put them in the food. The care plan notes this, the doctor agrees and the family knows we do it and agrees that this is the only route to go.
  14. Karynica, RN

    anyone feel there black or muslim sounding name holds them back

    That professor needs a reality check. I had a very Italian name all during nursing school and people were always asking me if I was Italian. No, but I can speak Spanish if you'd like. Also people liked saying my 'then' last name A LOT. They liked the way it rolled off their tongue LOL. My daughters both have non-American names, one Hispanic and the other Italian. I don't know of any time anyone has ever asked them about their last names. My oldest is a very smart young lady who works in the medical field and doesn't let anyone get her down because of her skin color or her last name. One thing I can't tolerate and that is racism. When my oldest was very young people would walk up to me in the grocery store and ask me if my kids belonged to me! When they found out they were actually mine they would spout off with "my goodness, then they must look like their father!" I wanted to can those people.
  15. Karynica, RN

    I got hired!

    Congratulations on your new upcoming job.
  16. Karynica, RN

    Leaving LTC for Corrections

    Trying not to get too off topic, but I also had friends in corrections that changed.When I say change I mean they literally became different people. It hardens people too. I was one of those people that didn't get caught up in the dating scene at the prison too. There was a LOT of that going on. A LOT of marriages were ruined. I can vouch for this because it happened to a friend of mine and my nephew too. It's a whole different world in corrections. Just don't let people talk you into something you don't want to do. I knew nurses who were dating Lieutenants, Captains, it was just a big affair all over the place. And..please don't let me scare you away from corrections. I just know from first hand experience what it's like. :)