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I say take the job and keep applying to others.


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Even if you're young, you are going to hate those hours. It's going to be stressful and you won't be getting adequate sleep between your two shifts. Personally, i feel it's a recipe for exhaustion. Yeah you'll get 5 days off, but i feel you will start to dread those two days on. just my two cents.

Try it and see how it goes. that's the only way you'll know. If you end up hating it, look for another job or ask for a scedule change.

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i was going to advise against, until you posted you are a six-hour-a noc sorta girl, lol.

limit your caffeine intake to the first shift, have everything set to go on friday for both shifts, ie clothes, meals etc....make it clear to husband and anyone else that that time period is not to be disturbed! is there anyplace you could stay really close to the job? good luck

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Take the job. Ask for more orientation, though. 3 days is not enough. You are always going to be the direct supervisor of the CNAs when you work LTC. During the week, you can keep looking for something else. In the meantime, a better position might open up where you're at!


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I would also suggest you take the job and try it out. Any experience is good, even if it is a hellish situation. My first RN job was a Unit Manager straight out of school. I must say that it was a dream come true but I had to run my butt off. Being young is to your advantage as far as sleep deprivation and ability to run, but don't let it come between you and the staff. One of the worst mistakes I made was to make close friends with those I supervised. They took advantage of it and made it hard to delagate tasks or disipline. For example I caught one of my friends (an LPN) stealing pain meds. It was hard to blow the whistle on her but I had no choice.

Best of luck to you my dear. You are entering the dog eat dog world of nursing. Let us know how this turns out for you.

I think we should start a post for the husbands of us nurses. They really feel the stress of our crazy schedules, working long hours, and weekends or holidays we have to work. I know I would not be where I am without my supportive hubby!:yeah:

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