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what is a Mil ? SNF ? DH ? I know what a HCP and peg tube is ...

MIL - Mother in Law

SNF - Skilled Nursing Facility


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the first time I read it, I saw ****..... but that is my dislexia kicking in!


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MIL.. mother in law... SNF.. skilled nursing facillity.. DH..not sure exact words but am assuming husband. (sry I see lots of answers after I posted LOL )

Yes, you need to be a patient advocate whether on duty or not, so I would definitely have said something to the nurse... then told the family what I saw and why it was important to raise the head of the bed and left the rest up to them.


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I have always wondered what DH meant...I knew it had something to do with husband...lol


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I am glad someone asked what all that meant! I guess I am out of the loop. Can we use less initials for the older crowd?? LOl! ( I do know that one!)


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I think you should have said something, but I wouldn't beat myself up too badly for not saying anything, especially since you corrected the problem. Maybe you could call the facility now and explain to the supervisor what happened. Maybe it was an accident, or maybe it was ignorance, I know I have done dumb things out of ignorance, that I wish someone had called me on. You might be doing the facility a favor by letting them know.

My father died when I was 21, in a hospital from nosocomial staph infection. The things I saw then, that I know now were just plain careless, gives me a sense of responsibility to my patients (CNA, in nursing school). I had to call out a colleague who floated to our unit one night. She did something highly stupid, to cut a corner, and when I confronted her about it she seemed not to care, so I got the team leader. It was bad enough that the girl is no longer allowed on my floor, and I still kind of feel like a tattle tale, but I would rather have the tattle tale guilt than the guilt of knowing something bad happened and I did not do anything about it.


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ugh.....i would have just told the nurse that "hey, i noticed she was on a tube feed and raised the head of her bed". makes you wonder what else they are not doing??? grrrr.

that is a tough situation you guys are in, but it makes no matter if you visit her once a year or every day....that is basic, basic standard of practice.

i agree with this; i would've said something too....just being the patient's advocate for safety's sake, you know!!!

as far as some of these abbreviations that are used, glad some were cleared upfor us older folks out here! by the way, what does bff stand for?(best female friend possibly????)


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BFF = best female friend, or for us older gals, what was always known as "best friend".


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BFF stood for Best Friend Forever in my younger years :)

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she had a PEG placed less than a month ago, and when we went to visit her Christmas Eve, the nurse came in to start her feeding, and asked us to step out for a minute. When we went back in, she was lying completely flat in bed, with a tube feed running at 80ml/hr. I simply raised the HOB out of instinct, and on the way home, hubby asked why. I matter of factly said that it's best to elevate the head with tube feeds running. He was a little upset I hadn't said anything to the nurse. Would you have?

Yes. The nurse put your mother at risk for aspiration pneumonia. If she doesn't know any better, someone needs to tell her.

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