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  1. pink85

    Do I chart or do I take care of my patients?

    I say find a new place to work! I see a lawsuit in the making!
  2. pink85

    Nursing 2009 vs American Journal of Nursing

    If you look on line for subscription offers you can find a cheaper rate!
  3. pink85

    Forgetting things as a new nurse

    Make a check off list! it really helps. It will cut down on the anxiety and before you know it you will have it memorized!
  4. pink85

    How was Nurses Week celebrated at your Facility

    Oh my! Some of these facilities should be ashamed of theirselves! We had a blessing of the hands by our chaplain, a pizza for lunch day, polo style shirts with our facility name on them, and this was at the hospital where I work. At the elementary school where I work all the kids made me art work, teachers gave me cards and gifts and the principal bought me lunch and so did the PTA on another day. I could not imagine working at a place where I was not valued as a person or a nurse. I am sure that is hurtful. Well, I think you are all AWESOME! HAPPY NURSE'S WEEK!
  5. pink85

    SNOTTY MA claiming to be a nurse!!!!

    All I have to sa is I am speechless at what the MA said in the OP. WOW! Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor. Most states prosecute for impersonating a nurse!
  6. pink85

    Is this considered nepotism?

    Nope. I dont see a problem. Your facility should have a written policy on this though. Ours does and it states that as long as one is not supervising or managing the other.
  7. pink85

    RN licensure tax write-off?

    I write it off. Plus all my journals, scrubs, etc...
  8. pink85

    Vital signs

    That is what I was thinkng... What is her normal b/p. If you didn't know or this was abnormal for her then the ER was certainly the right think to do. It is better to err on the side of caution. that is what I would want you to do for my family member!
  9. pink85

    ICU fighting admissions?

    We are a large trauma hospital and ICU beds can be hard to come by sometimes. You have to be half dead to be there! You must be assessed by an ICU doc to be admitted to the ICU. Pretty much how Planeflyer described his situations earlier.
  10. pink85

    Patient making false allegations against nurse

    There is a saying. He who calls the cops first wins. I would contact an attorney and make the first move. If you don't protect yourself noone else will.
  11. pink85

    Elder Abuse

    We have never had to have any education on this. I work in a hospital in TX. To bad, it should be required.
  12. pink85

    Cultural issues between Filipino and American Nurses

    I am not aware of any where I work.
  13. pink85

    How do you get out on time?

    How about a unit tht is just better organized...
  14. pink85

    Hostile work environment

    Don't take it but certainly don't stay there. Move on and do your good somewhere elsr. You owe that to yourself.
  15. I am not on any med at this time but some days my back will feel very exhausted. Like it can't hold my body up anymore. I only get that when I try and do distance walking though. I will tell you the injections are different than an epidural, different area. I was realy nervous about it. Not a fan of things being stuck in my back that is why I never had an epidural when in labor! However desperate people do desperate things! LOL! My only advice.... Don't go horseback riding! NOT good for the back with a back injury!!!!! I will say my days for that are over! LOL!
  16. pink85

    How do you get out on time?

    That is the first thing I think of also. Time management. What do you feel is taking a better portion of your day? What generaly causes you to run behind? The nurses that don't run behind, do you know what they are doing differently? Are there things that you can cluster together so you don't have to keep going back to the patients room. Say for instance give all of your 0800,0900, & 1000 meds at once? Just some suggestions.