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pre nursing student, very very stressed

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  1. I got my acceptance letter, but turned it down. Kinda sad about it, but it just wasn't the right time for my family and I. Good luck on yours!
  2. No more sciences! Anyone else?

    I'm all done too. The only ones I had were A&P I and II and Microbiology and I just finished Micro last semester!! Thank goodness. I was so nervous in my Micro class, that first week I thought for sure I would flunk, but i got an A!!! I just subm...
  3. LPN pay versus RN pay in AR?

    That is so crazy how the pay for LPN's can fluctuate. I've heard in AR LPN's make 10-12 per hour. If that is true it is pointless to get an LPN then RN, for me anyway!
  4. help with this chem problem please!

    subscript wifemotherstudent, can you tell me how you came up with that answer? thanks so much!
  5. SeO4+H2S-----> I am taking micro and I am totally stuck with chemistry...been a long time since I've had to do any of this. Can anyone explain to me how to get this answer? Thanks.
  6. decent place to live in little rock

    Thanks for the response guys. I think I may have talked my husband into buying a home instead of renting (keeping my fingers crossed!). Nothing too fancy, keeping the mortgage around 700-800 per month. Heck, you will pay that in rent somewhere!! I wo...
  7. Hopefully my husband and I will be moving back to AR at the end of the year and I will finally get to start nursing school! Can anyone suggest a good place to live, or areas that would be ok. I am not familiar with LR at all. I will be applying to UA...
  8. Anyone watching

    I watched it, it was very moving! I cried through the whole thing! This is the second time I have ever watched it.
  9. winters in wyoming

    My husband didn't get in. He can retry in August if he wants, but he isn't sure if he wants to. I think his pride is a little hurt, so we will see. We drove up to Laramie from Cheyenne and the drive was beautiful. I had a few nose bleeds for sure! It...
  10. Pre-nursing student excited but with concerns

    I hope to be working as a CNA or Unit Secretary pt if I can find something once I get in, maybe you should try something like that if it gets to looking like you are going to need some extra income to make ends meet. Congrats, and GOOD LUCK!
  11. Usually positive, a little down

    I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's wreck, but thank goodness she was ok! She was lucky. Perhaps this little fender bender will help keep her eyes open to the things that could possibly happen out there! If you have been making A's in AP II, don'...
  12. LPN pay versus RN pay in AR?

    I am trying to decide whether to get my LPN first or go straight for my RN due to financial reasons. It is so crazy that LPN's with no exp are making 19 and a new grad RN is roughly the same. I'm guessing its the LTC difference... can anyone explain ...
  13. maybe not nursing..

    Yeah, I think I am definately think I am going to try that. I come from one of those "not so supportive" families that are constantly telling me that it's not right for me, so I'm sure that has something to do with my worries..
  14. maybe not nursing..

    Hi guys, Maybe there are others out there who may be changing careers are having some of the same fears as me. Here's hoping.. I am in a very stressful career now that I am trying to get out of. Ever since I was old enough to remember I have always w...
  15. Baptist or UALR Arkansas

    What is a typical schedule for UALR? I noticed that you said you were in class/clincals 3-4 days a week, so I am just curious what it's like. I will be applying next year.