worried about not getting ATT until late.


I sent my name to the board of nursing and paid my 208 dollars a while ago, January 11th. However, I did not register with pearson vue until recently because of financial and family issues. Will this delay my reception of an ATT? I thought the board of nursing has to send ok to test to pearson vue, and my application still says Open on the Board of Nursing site, so I'm not too sure it it matters when you registered with pearson.

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When did you send for your ATT? It may take up to a week to get yout ATT. Keep checking your email. It took me a week and a half to get my ATT the first time. I say if you do not hear from them within a week or so I would call your school and talk to the person who is in charge of sending the passing results to the board. Most times the ATT takes a while to get to you is because they have not sent your passing the program to the board. Good luck


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Give it a reasonable amount of time, two weeks should be plenty, then inquire. If nothing has happened after six weeks, I would become concerned and start lighting a fire under them to find your paperwork.

Well, I checked the status of the board of nursing and my application status says approved. However, I still didn't get my ATT from Pearson. BAH. Sometimes I think waiting is the worst part of anything.

I command you ATT, COME!

Ah still nothing. . .Guess all I can do now is wait some more. Hopefully by next week.

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Thats awesome NIFCP, you graduated from BC!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!!!

the ATT comes about 2-4 weeks after you have sent in all your paper work. I sent mine in on august 14 and got my ATT sept 10.

best of luck, study hard!


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My ATT came via email...maybe you should check it constantly.


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i called them up and they immediately emailed me my ATT.

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well, you can call, email or live chat online to see if they(Pearson) received your information from the BON.


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I filled out an application with FL BON on April 25th after CGFNS issued my CES report, and then with Pearson vue on May 6th. When am I going to get my ATT? How long does it usually take to get one? Should I start preparing for the NCLEX - RN exam?