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  1. Does anyone have any experience with MHS Graduate nurse internship program? How does it work? It's the program they put new grads with scholarships in. Also, how does the orientation and such go? Sorry I'm a bit curious. Thanks for your help in advanced, NI4CP
  2. NursingIs4CoolPeople

    registering for nclex process question

    After googling for a bit, I found it. yay. one step closer. I think..
  3. NursingIs4CoolPeople

    registering for nclex process question

    Thanks for the reply, but when I try to register with Pearson, it asks me for my nursing school code, and I have no idea what it is. Is there a specific place I can get it?
  4. NursingIs4CoolPeople

    registering for nclex process question

    Hello there, I sent my name to the FBON a week ago and paid the application fee, so my question is do I have to wait for them to approve me to register with pearson, or can i register with pearson now? Thanks in advance, NI4CP
  5. NursingIs4CoolPeople

    doh, failed pediatrics

    I failed my fist nursing class(pediatrics) ever, and I've been so depressed. I did some bad things to get my frustration out, and I don't know what to do now, I have an appointment so the dean next monday the 9th to see how or if I can get back on track, but failing a class is so depressing I haven't been myself since I found out, and I'm kind of stuck. I don't know how to push myself to continue on and can't take my mind off of it. Help me find my way back. =(
  6. NursingIs4CoolPeople

    how in the world do you

    How in the world do you memorize all these diseases for pediatrics. :-( I've tried index cards flash cards writing on paper and it just won't stick anybody have any tips on knowing the disease processes why does there have to be so many diseases that i have to memorize :-(
  7. NursingIs4CoolPeople

    Best Advice for Bad Procrastination??

    Procrastination - Don't Do it.
  8. NursingIs4CoolPeople

    Anbody Else Gain a Ton of Weight in Nursing School?

    i used to weigh 170 before i started the nursing program when i worked out. now i weigh 212. =( I need to go to the gym, but won't due to the incredible amount of homework and studying i have to do.
  9. NursingIs4CoolPeople

    Assessments - need help with terminology

    i think the standard is physical examination and health assessment by jarvis. there's a pocket edition which is great for carrying around during clinical.
  10. NursingIs4CoolPeople

    What class was/is your hardest????

    Peds and Pharm were equally the hardest so far. Maybe it's cuz they both start with P, or maybe it's because we had the same professor for both. :-P
  11. NursingIs4CoolPeople

    Help! Care plan question

    That's a tough one, but how do you know the client is in alot of pain? If it was me (I could be wrong), I think one of my goals would be The Clients pain level will reduce from a ? to a ? according to the wong baker scale by the end of the shift or something like that. Just remember your goals have to be measurable, realistic, and time based.
  12. NursingIs4CoolPeople

    OMG are you serious stress central

    it gets better. =)
  13. NursingIs4CoolPeople

    Nursing Student

    60 hrs a week? You might want to cut back if you can, because it will get stressful. As far as taking MC tests go, I recommend getting your hands on some NCLEX practice books (Saunders, Lippincott, etc), because many of the questions require critical thinking, and you can be a good test taker, but if you don't know your material you won't do quite as well (as I learned from experience) Study Study Study.
  14. NursingIs4CoolPeople


    lol i had one recently i went into my patients room and my patient had two heads and i had to take a blood pressure and i didn't know if i had to take it on both arms, one for each head =/ so i took it on both in my "dream." speaking of dreams since i started work i have nightmares about work too, mainly answering call bells, so you're not the only one.
  15. NursingIs4CoolPeople

    i hate pediatrics? =(

    I hate pediatrics, It's the professor that makes me hate it, she's a real nice lady and all, but she's just all over the place like she'll go over something for 3 or 4 classes, and only 5 questions will be on that on a test, and then she'll go over something for 5 minutes, and then you'll get 30 questions on that. I'm actually scared of failing the lecture because this has been the closest to failing a class I've ever been since i started nursing school, and I'm scared. Has anyone else struggled in pediatrics keeping up with the disease processes and all? Because I feel like I have the lowest grade in the class right now, which suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks. =(
  16. NursingIs4CoolPeople

    Funny charting error.

    This reminds me of when someone charted drainage that had pus in it as ***** =)