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  1. NursingIs4CoolPeople

    order to strain urine?

    well, if anything passes we're supposed to send it to the laboratory. . i guess i was wrong, thanks.
  2. NursingIs4CoolPeople

    order to strain urine?

    I had a pt who's diagnosis was kidney stone, and there was an order to strain all urine, I then had a pt who had the same diagnosis the following week but there was no order to strain all urine, and the oncoming nurse said that we are supposed to but I didn't see an order for it cuz last time I did have one, so do you "need" an order to strain all urine? ThANKSS NI4CP
  3. NursingIs4CoolPeople

    How'd you get your job?

    You could have all the education in the world, but if you don't know the right people to open the right doors, you won't get very far . . . so basically you got to know people.
  4. NursingIs4CoolPeople

    Do you give meds without seeing the MDs order if he MAR has been checked?

    I check every med, and it's time consuming but I think it's worth it when you catch errors. . . but now since ya'll are saying you don't i don't know if i should be.. it would save time
  5. NursingIs4CoolPeople


    I feel like my floor is a nursing home floor. When I first started out 2 years ago as a nurse assistant it was all cp/r/o MI, which i liked, and all heart problems, but now that i have my rn license... it's where they stick all the confused, disoriented, and dangerous pts. . and now we have people staying for weeks, if not months in one room. We have high acuity pts coming and staying, it sucks. . . I miss the good old days when everyone was able to do stuff for themselves, lol. Our floor had 2 falls in one week (that i know of), and it was just crazy. I do express my gratitude to you all for listening and for the support, encouragement and advice. . My schedule that I posted earlier is what I lived by on days, but nights, it's a whole different story, and I don't have a schedule.. I just try to get what I need to do done asap. Writing things down helps and putting a box next to it until it gets done, then i can check it off. ..
  6. NursingIs4CoolPeople


    I do work night shift, and I'll say this. If day shift has a bad day (for some reason seems like most days), than night shift has a bad night too.. I will say it is a LITTLE less stressful than days cos there's not so many people around, but you still have departments calling you, family, pts, etc... same as day, but as soon as I say something like that, i go into work and it's hell. lol.
  7. NursingIs4CoolPeople


    I appreciate the support. There's still too much to learn and I'm going to be on my own soon. (I started night shift and have 6 days of orientation... 4 more left) and I'm scaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaared. =/. Giving report to dayshift makes me nervous.. and my sleep schedule is messed up. . i feel like i have to ask a million questions about things i should already know... The first night shift I ever had was AWESOME. but the next day all hell broke loose. . all the day shift was still there till like 9 finishing up charting and such. .. I guess if day shift has a bad day, it's going to be worse for nights. .. or that's what my night preceptor says.
  8. NursingIs4CoolPeople


    It's been a while since I've posted on here... I've been working at a reputable hospital since May 22, 2010. 3 1/2 months later, I feel so unprepared and i feel like I'm struggling. I wish i could just hang out with my pts and educate them and give my meds and chart my assessments and that's it... I strongly dislike the paperwork side... I have so much to do in 1 shift and it's soooo easy to miss something. Also, I'm always losing pens. I don't know wen they'll kick me out of orientation, but I'm nervous and scared, I just wish nursing was a little bit easier. I'm always missing something, and i hope someone could give me a bit of advice.. Sometimes I forget to give out my pt friendly mars, forget to sign my rounding logs, forget to check my tele strips, forget to sign off orders (though they get done.. most of the time), oh and I lose my med sheet all the time... My preceptor says I'm too task oriented, like I haave to get this 1 thing done before I go on to the next thing, idk. This is what i TRY to get my schedule to look like every day 0638-Clock in 06-38- 0730- get report, look up labs if they're not ready, check to see if everyone's alive 0730-0830- check charts/labs 0830-0930(hopefully done at 0930) pass morning meds/assess pts 0930-1030 chart/meds/check orders 1030-1045-1055 INTERDISCIPLINARY ROUNDS. (my least fav part of the day) 1100-1200 meds/check orders 1200-1245 - Dude's gotta eat 1245-1300-check if everyone's alive/ chart/check orders 1300-1500 meds/check orders 1500-1600 chart/meds/check orders 1600-1800 meds/here's where the problem occurs.. every single doc seems to come in at this time and write pages worth of orders. . and then I go cry... and then it's hard to explain to the night shift that MD so and so came in at 5 and wrote orders for this and that and it wasn't ready until 1800. MY SCHEDULE LOOKS AWESOME ON PAPER BUT WHEN I TRY AND FOLLOW IT, I CAN'T BECAUSE SO MUCH OTHER STUFF IS GOING ON. I gotta change this IV, I gotta prepare people going for OR, I gotta get consents, I gotta constantly check orders, I'm getting "reports" from ER, I got to do some d/c papers for a pt who got d/c, pt x is asking for pain meds, gotta call docs for this and that.. ugh. So i guess I'm having trouble prioritizing... Idk what I'm supposed to do first cos I feel like I have too much to do. =/ Thanks for letting me vent, NI4CP
  9. Does anyone have any experience with MHS Graduate nurse internship program? How does it work? It's the program they put new grads with scholarships in. Also, how does the orientation and such go? Sorry I'm a bit curious. Thanks for your help in advanced, NI4CP
  10. NursingIs4CoolPeople

    Broward County Jobs for new grads?

    Has anyone had success at getting a job in the Broward county area with no experience that has got their RN license recently? without any scholarships? =/
  11. Hello there Florida Nurses, I just very recently passed my NCLEX-RN and started applying to hospitals the day after, however, MANY MANY jobs and hospitals require 1 year of nursing experience, and I have none. I was wondering if you knew of any new grad programs in the broward county/miami-dade area that are still accepting applications? I heard that memorial healthcare sytem has an incredibly good orientation/training if you get hired, but I'm also looking for jobs related specifically to new grads such as an internship program or a residency program. Thanks in advanced, NI4CP
  12. NursingIs4CoolPeople

    Quick Results

    Got mine today in FLorida. It's Sunday. Status: PASS. YAY!
  13. NursingIs4CoolPeople

    Anyone else feels like they failed @ 75?

    So.. how reliable is the "unofficial results" from Pearson? I paid the 8 bucks and My status says PASS!!, that means I passed right? I'm just asking because I'm still in such disbelief, and my name isn't in the BON verification, but I'm assuming that it takes a couple days to get there. But yeah, I passed unoffically WAHOO!
  14. NursingIs4CoolPeople

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    Hey I took that test on the same day and time! and same state! i got cut off at 75 and had most of those questions too. I feel like I failed though cuz I felt like I was guessing on almost every item. i did the PVT and got the good pop up too, but I'm still not too sure, I just want to see my name with RN in it. GL2U
  15. NursingIs4CoolPeople

    Anyone else feels like they failed @ 75?

    That thread is huge. I've read a majority of people for it to be true, except maybe 2 cases. I'm a bit hesitant because I've done it and it won't let me pay. I think waiting is the worst part. blahh