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laynaER has 4 years experience and specializes in NICU.

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  1. laynaER

    Nina Pham and/or Amber Vinson

    I agree with the sentiments of pretty much everyone else. I was so saddened to hear about these nurses who were inflicted with the virus. It was a testament to the fact that nurses are usually the sacrificial lambs in the workplace. We are most likely to suffer from abuse at the hands of patients and/or visitors, and most likely to contract infectious diseases due to the close proximity in which we work with our patients. We should be here to support each other and let these nurses know we stand united with them!
  2. This article made me sick to my stomach.
  3. I work in one of the busiest nicus in a large city with a level 1 trauma and my nicu is a high functioning state of art nicu. All i can say is girl, i have BEEN there. I have seen nightmares with my own eyes you can't even begin to fathom. We have no support system really. Just sitting here typing this is giving me flashbacks. I feel like the psychological effects of seeing tramautic events is something we as nurses tend to over look. It gets swept under the rug and nobody talks about the trauma we experience, we just go on working. It's become taboo. Find someone who you can vent to. Start writing your thoughts down. It may become cathartic. That's all i got. I can barely help myself let alone someone else. Good luck!
  4. laynaER


    This question is so broad you need to be a bit more specific
  5. laynaER

    Intimidated new NICU nurse

    I got my job through a hook up. That's why networking is so important. They took me and plenty other new grads. In NYC
  6. laynaER

    thermoregulation in the neonate

    I agree with others. The bath should be delayed until at least 6 hrs after birth. There is no rush to bathe a baby. Skin to skin should be initiated immediately and the temp shouldve been taken prior to giving the bath.
  7. laynaER

    How Did You Get a Job at a North Shore-LIJ Hospital??

    It seems like they've built an impenetrable fort around that hospital! When I was job searching they refused to accept my resume when I walked into HR. They insisted I go online. I secured an interview by calling the nurse recruiter and asking if they were still accepting resumes for the new grad residency program. I got through 2 rounds of interviews at LIJ but didn't receive a job offer. I guess it wasn't meant to be. I've been working for 3 years now so in the grand scheme of things, I learned job hunting has its ups and downs, you'll receive more no's than yes's, but in the end you get back the amount of effort you put in. Eventually something has to give. Don't give up! And volunteer if you're that passionate about one particular hospital. Also research extern programs!
  8. laynaER

    NY New Grad Jobs-anyone hiring?

    You should volunteer at your hospital/unit of choice. The last 3 hires on my ICU unit were volunteers! Just applying isn't enough anymore. You have to network, network, and network! Consider reaching out to the places you did your clinical rotations at, your previous professors at nursing school who have friends, etc. I still say volunteering is probably the best route! You get direct connection with the staff, especially ADN or DON, you can learn as much as possible while gaining new nursing skills, and when a position becomes available, you are on the frontline and the first person in the mind of the hiring manager. People are more likely to hire people they know or someone who was suggested to them by a friend/colleague. Good luck!
  9. laynaER

    And the award for most asked question goes to...

    I just think we live in a very vain society. We live in a culture that values aesthetics and we often tend to forget the important things. They are nothing more than a product of society. I've gotten those types of questions too. It's always questions that seem extremely trivial. Everyone is obsessed with baby's weight. They always ask what's his weight because it's really the way they measure progress. I always get this question when we get a clubbed foot baby that has either myelomeningocele or another genetic disorder: When can you fix his feet? Mind you, these kids also have hydrocephalus and is about to have VP shunt placement. It boggles my mind!
  10. laynaER

    use of diapers during phototherapy

    We use diapers as well. I always fold the diaper down when the baby is prone to expose more skin! Voila! The levels drop everyday. Does anyone have a protocol for irradiance and what the target is for single, double, and triple?
  11. laynaER

    Neonatal NP advice

    Why don't you start out in pediatrics, pediatric i.c.u, labor & delivery, or newborn nursery? Those are great paths to head down if you want to be a NICU nurse! Labor & Delivery, newborn nursery, and NICU are like sister specialties. They're all connected in some way so if you can't land a position in NICU, if you can land one in L&D, chances are likely you will come in contact with nurses from the NICU and/or the NICU supervisor. Excellent way to network. You'll always be aware of an open position and better yet, if you show interest in NICU they'll have you in mind when a position becomes available. Good luck!
  12. laynaER

    I feel like nursing is not my thing...

    It's okay we all have those days and your mistakes weren't life threatening. Use it as a learning experience. Don't be so quick to quit or say it's not for you only because of one bad shift. I'm pretty sure this isn't the last bad shift you're going to have. We tend to be so critical and harsh on ourselves. Don't beat yourself up. Use your day off to relax, clear your mind, and mentally and physically prepare yourself for your next shift. You are still learning you will be alright, it will make you a better nurse!
  13. laynaER

    Fake nursing school to close, pay cheated students

    I'm annoyed the article said that the owner agreed to never open another school in California. That means this scum can go to another state and rip off more unsuspecting people? The owner should be barred from ever opening another school again. No matter what state.
  14. laynaER

    Agencies with vaccine jobs

    I know flu season is right around the corner and I'm interested in working in a clinic or office administering vaccines. Does anyone know of any agencies with these types of positions? I am a new grad. Thank you in advance for all those who contribute to this thread.
  15. laynaER

    North Shore University RN Fellowship? Input needed!

    anyone currently in the interviewing process? did they select candidates for the september class already?
  16. laynaER

    Another nurse bites the dust due to facebook

    I think part of the problem is, is that people are often friends on facebook with people who are NOT their friends. In order for your employer to take disciplinary action for something you wrote on facebook, someone had to alert them. If your page is completely private, it was one of your so called friends on your friends list. If your page is public, STILL, someone had to alert them. They didn't just stumble onto facebook, enter your name in the search, then go look into your page. If your page is completely private and you aren't friends with anyone from your job, nobody can see what you write. Either way, better to be safe than sorry because you never know who has an ax to grind or who wants to see you fail. Never underestimate how far someone is willing to go to stab you in the back. Better to not post anything about work that could be used against you.