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laynaER has 4 years experience and specializes in NICU.

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  1. laynaER

    Nina Pham and/or Amber Vinson

    I agree with the sentiments of pretty much everyone else. I was so saddened to hear about these nurses who were inflicted with the virus. It was a testament to the fact that nurses are usually the sacrificial lambs in the workplace. We are most likely to suffer from abuse at the hands of patients and/or visitors, and most likely to contract infectious diseases due to the close proximity in which we work with our patients. We should be here to support each other and let these nurses know we stand united with them!
  2. This article made me sick to my stomach.
  3. I work in one of the busiest nicus in a large city with a level 1 trauma and my nicu is a high functioning state of art nicu. All i can say is girl, i have BEEN there. I have seen nightmares with my own eyes you can't even begin to fathom. We have no support system really. Just sitting here typing this is giving me flashbacks. I feel like the psychological effects of seeing tramautic events is something we as nurses tend to over look. It gets swept under the rug and nobody talks about the trauma we experience, we just go on working. It's become taboo. Find someone who you can vent to. Start writing your thoughts down. It may become cathartic. That's all i got. I can barely help myself let alone someone else. Good luck!
  4. laynaER


    This question is so broad you need to be a bit more specific
  5. laynaER

    Intimidated new NICU nurse

    I got my job through a hook up. That's why networking is so important. They took me and plenty other new grads. In NYC
  6. laynaER

    thermoregulation in the neonate

    I agree with others. The bath should be delayed until at least 6 hrs after birth. There is no rush to bathe a baby. Skin to skin should be initiated immediately and the temp shouldve been taken prior to giving the bath.
  7. laynaER

    Why nurses eat their young????

    YES!!!! LOL
  8. laynaER

    Why nurses eat their young????

    It is not what you say, it is HOW you say it and unfortunately many have not mastered the art of correcting someone in a professional manner and in a way that isn't perceived as an attack. I don't think any reasonable person would be upset about being corrected when they have made a mistake. Most people take it as a personal affront when people speak to them in a condescending manner and/or treat them as if they're an idiot. They may not remember exactly what the person said but they will remember HOW the person made them feel.
  9. laynaER

    RN, BSN new grad NYC jobs?

    Get experience in GA first before applying to any jobs out here. The competition is very stiff with the over saturation of new grads in the job market pool who are all after the same thing. Getting at least one year experience will put you in an entirely different category and will give you an edge over all these thousands of new grads all applying for the same position.
  10. laynaER

    Intimidated new NICU nurse

    I was a new grad with no experience when I first started, at least you have some experience. I felt intimidated as well!! It was all so very overwhelming all of the different diagnosis and everyyyything all that once. Don't worry, it eventually goes away once you get the hang of it and just remember you're never alone. When in doubt, just ask! You will be comfortable one day. Be patient with yourself.
  11. laynaER

    Why nurses eat their young????

    I don't think nurses eat their young. I think there are just some nasty people out there with chips on their shoulders who treat others poorly as a reflection of their own insecurities. It has nothing to do with seasoned nurses vs new grads. They're nasty because they're a nasty person, not because they're a seasoned nursed who likes to eat his or her young. A nice person is a nice person who will be nice to everyone regardless of their level of expertise.
  12. laynaER

    Family members recording nurses doing pt teaching

    We allow parents to take photos and record videos of their little ones but they are not allowed to film or take pictures of a procedure or staff members. I do not want to be filmed or photographed; it is my personal right. 2nd, it could later be used as evidence in a lawsuit God forbid you accidentally omit a vital piece of information during teaching or contaminate a clean or sterile field, etc. I do not like the idea at all because you don't know what people's motives are for recording. As an alternative, offer handouts they can refer to or offer resources from the internet. At some point a line needs to be drawn. Us nurses have rights too.
  13. laynaER

    Going back to work after maternity leave

    Wow you gals gave some great advice! I will be taking everything into consideration starting.....now! Lol thanks!
  14. laynaER

    How Can New Grad RN gain experience to land a job as a RN

    The recent hires at my job have been volunteers! It sucks to say that we are now in an age where simply just applying is not enough. It has become all about who you know. My advice would be to contact your local hospital's volunteer office, sign up to volunteer, and volunteer on a unit you're interested in working on. When a position opens up, you may be the first person who comes to the hiring manager's mind. Learn as much as you can by helping out a nurse, show initiative, and help out as much as you can. Hang in there. Something's got to give. I went through the same thing when I was looking for a job 4 years ago. I remained patient and didn't give up.
  15. laynaER

    NY Med (TV Show)

    I recently started watching the show and I love it! I have a couple friends that work at that hospital. They do amazing things there and I'm always drawn in to the stories I see.
  16. Hello everyone, I recently gave birth and I am already dreading going back to work! I work 3 12's/week which isn't so bad but my little one will only be 2 months old when I return and probably not sleeping through the night yet. I go back next month. Any mommy nurses with any tips on how to avoid extreme exhaustion or how to prepare to go back to work? I work on a busy critical care unit! Thanks in advance!