Working and Nursing School


What types of job's did you hold while in Nursing School? If so how did you make it work? Hours, etc.... Thanks

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I worked 32 hours per week as an LVN while attending an ASN degree bridge program full time. I worked two 16-hour shifts every Saturday and Sunday from 6:00am to 10:00pm, which meant that I had Monday through Friday off to focus solely on school.

I work full time overnights (2300-0900 unless I have class then it is 2300-0600). I go to class full time from 0800-1400 then sleep from 1500-2200. I make it work by staying focused and making lists of my assignments. I work ahead and study hardcore on my days off. It works, but it is a struggle. I would work less but I simply can't. Well, I could if I wanted to be homeless, but that doesn't seem helpful.


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I worked at a bank 20 hours a week. Although they were not in the nursing field, I got full medical & dental insurance, paid tuition (FYI banks employee RN's in their insurance departments), and 3 weeks paid vacation. They worked around my schedule and made it super easy.

I work full time as a paramedic and I am in classes full time in a BSN program. The unique aspect of my job is that I can complete homework between EMS calls, which is important because I work 48-72 hours a week. You can do it, you just have to manage your time well. So far I'm doing well in my classes and I expect to graduate a semester early.

worked as a nursing assistant and transport tech, it worked out because I was per diem so I was about to set my schedule whenever I wanted to and how many hours a week i wanted to do.


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I had 2 part times jobs, one in pediatric home care and one in a group home for mentally disabled adults while being a full time student. They were good for the resume ☺


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If you can work nights, do it. MUCH more down time to do homework/study no matter which department. I personally love the night shifts for the exerperience and personality types of the night shifters. As a student I am working nights as much as possible 2-3/wk. Another perk of doing school work AT work is that other RNs can give you advice and you can learn another prospective. BUT keep in mind that what you instructor tests on is not always what your fellow nurses/techs will tell you. I would say 30% of what I learned on the floor contradicticted what my textbook/instructors wanted to test me on. From an experience perspective, this was great - learning various IV methods or seeing other techniques is invaluable but make sure to learn the methods you'll be tested over.


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I worked full-time as a LVN while in school. I did this by working every weekend, and requesting to be a sitter so I could study (luckily my charge nurses were supportive of me and allowed this). It was hell, but man was it worth it, and it feels good to say that I did it. I also had my foot in the door somewhere, so getting a job as a new grad wasn't very difficult. I suggest getting a job as a student nurse or tech while in school.


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i did it and almost failed out...


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I work full time in an ICU and attend a full time RN program. I graduate this summer and must say, working while in school is hard but very doable. I would recommend it for sure.

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I work 32 hrs/week while attending an evening RN program. So far it has been ok.