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  1. happynurse14

    Moving reimbursement

    I was between two jobs offers and both were open about their relocation policies without me even asking. One was straightforward in saying that they offered nothing while the other told me in my interview that they would allot up to $2000 for movers....
  2. happynurse14

    From nightshift to dayshift

    Ugh that sounds miserable. I know if I were in that position, my answer would be coffee, coffee, and lots of coffee.
  3. happynurse14

    Any other new grads starting at Johns Hopkins?

    @Iliauna, definitely apply now. They ask for the letters at the interview, so you have some time between applying and your interview to get those letters.
  4. happynurse14

    Any other new grads starting at Johns Hopkins?

    @Iliauna: there is no deadline, they have a new grad nurse residency program that has a new cohort every month! The first week of each month is when they begin the orientation. @Raviepoo: Yep, I applied online to a nurse clinician I position. A f...
  5. happynurse14

    Working and Nursing School

    I had 2 part times jobs, one in pediatric home care and one in a group home for mentally disabled adults while being a full time student. They were good for the resume ☺
  6. happynurse14

    A poll, regarding nurses' opinions on Magnet status

    I am a new grad nurse and when applying for jobs I only sought magnet status hospitals. I'm currently working at one of the top institutions in the US. My thinking was that I want to be the best nurse I can be, so what better way to do that than to s...
  7. happynurse14

    please critic my cover letter

    The word "I" is way overused. I honestly couldn't even read the whole thing because all I could notice was how many "I"s were in the entire letter. Believe it or not, a cover letter is a lot more than just about you and your qualifications. How ...
  8. happynurse14

    ATI Tests

    I used ATI all throughout nursing school and I hated it. I was lucky if I scored proficiency level 1 on any of the proctored exams.. I had the same feeling that you had--very discouraged about my knowledge. However, believe it or not, if you keep p...
  9. happynurse14

    help me decide

    Would you consider going the Physician's Assistant route? They have virtually the same scope of practice as NPs without the requirement of having a nursing degree first prior to schooling. To me, that seems like the most direct route for essentially ...
  10. happynurse14

    NCLEX tomorrow!!

    Good luck! You're in my prayers!
  11. happynurse14

    Philosophy or English?

    In disagreement with other posters, I think that taking the easier course is a fine choice!!! Making an easier course load will allow you to focus on my important classes, such as A&P or what have you. At my school, English was a requirement so ...
  12. happynurse14

    To those without a 4.0 (rant)

    You are right in that depending on what school you attend, a 4.0 gpa is not the only means to get accepted. However, you cannot apply that notion to every school. My school ONLY looked at gpa. No interview, no test scores, solely GPA. So yes, at my...
  13. happynurse14

    For those who are worried about a criminal history

    What state are you in? How did you know to round up your papers to submit to the BON to get your ATT (did they specifically tell you to or did you do it on your own)?
  14. happynurse14

    Criminal Arrest Prohibited from Practicing

    Question: Was your name and license number posted on the BON site after you passed the NCLEX?
  15. happynurse14

    Got into nursing school....Should I wait?!?!

    I say go with spanish... because even the fact that you are doubting nursing school whatsoever (especially to learn a foreign language) is a red flag!! You have to KNOW you want to be a nurse. Good luck!
  16. happynurse14

    I'm going to fail the NCLEX

    Calm thyself. This will make you fail better: I SUCKED at ATI. I'm pretty sure I got a level 2 on Community and managed a level 3 on Psych (my passion) but otherwise, I got either level 1 or below level 1 throughout my 4 years of nursing school, it...