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Well I don't mean to brag but yesterday my clinical instructor, who has a reputation for being very hard and mean, pulled me and a classmate (who is a friend of mine) asside and told us that she has throroughly (sp) enjoyed having us in clinicals and for us to continue doing things the way we have been and we will make great nurses...

I was very suprised... Especially because of her reputation.. Even though I never had a problem with her... This was very helpful for me cause I am one of those people who always doubts themselves and haven't ever had very good self esteem. But going through this nursing program has helped with all of it...

But I just wanted to share my happy day with ya'll.. :) Oh yeah this was our Maternity rotation and this area was my instructors "specialty"

Happy Turkey Day.


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Congratulations to you!!!! I know you must be feeling really good right about now. I know you will really enjoy your turkey day....Happy Thanksgiving :roll


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You should be proud! Good for you.



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Good for you!


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That's fantastic!!! I wish you all the best of luck in the future!

Shoot for the moon....the worst that can happen is you'll land among the stars!



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YAAAAA YOU!!!!! Good job! It is always nice when the instructors notice all the effort that you put into school!

Best wishes to you!:balloons: :balloons:


congrats nurs2b! and i see that graduation is coming soon for you so congrats on that also! :)


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It's so nice when they look at things other than negativity...Good for you!


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I'm glad to hear it! I know that made you feel wonderful....good job!


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Super ! thanks for sharing:)

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Woot! :)

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