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  1. vashka25

    Looking For Other Pa Nurses!!!!

    Spring -03 grad from Canada now working in a Cardio Thoracic ICU in SE Pa. Loving it so far.....do find it a little overwhelming at times being a new grad, but the staff, physicians, and surgeons are very helpful. Nice to hear from everyone! ~Dawn~
  2. vashka25

    Canadian grad thinking of heading south

    I also replied to your other thread in the Canadian nurses forum. I don't know where you are aiming for as far as location goes. My home is back in Ontario, and I find that only being about an 8 hour drive isn't so bad. Pennsylvania is an endorsement state which means once you have your Canadian nurses license you just have the CNO mail a copy of your license down to the Pa Board of Nursing and they will issue you a license (no nclex, no cgfns) and you can get most of the "pre" paperwork done ahead of time to save on the wait. If you need any help, or have any questions feel free to email or message me. standalonegrl@yahoo.com Good luck!
  3. I just graduated back in the spring of last year....and immediately went to work in Pennsylvania. I did all of my own legwork, calling and talking to human resources personnel, and a few hospitals even flew me down to view the facilities and interview. I ended up taking a full time position in a Cardio Thoracic ICU, and haven't looked back. When I interviewed on individual units I also requested to have an "aside"interview with at least 3 nurses from that particular unit and talk to them about the problems, stressors, and overall flow of their work environment. Most hospitals like the one I am at will pay of a large portion of your student loans, your relocation, they have provided all of my critical care training, and offer continuing education money...and if you are wise you can talk them out of forcing you to sign a contract....(hospitals are so strapped for nurses that many will waive the contract and take their chances just for a warm body) I am sure if you are extremely thorough with the way you "interview the hospital", and find one that meets your needs. The only problem I have encountered in coming down here is that immigration has LOST my paperwork twice now, and I have been without a Social Security Number for over 3 months now....(which down here means I can't open a bank account, no drivers license, etc etc etc) I also had to cancel my flight home for xmas due to this because I do not exist in the immigration database, and until they fix it I can't get back down if I go home for the holidays. Feel free to message me if you have any questions. ~Dawn~
  4. vashka25

    12 STD's of Christmas

    Ohhhh how I missed this place......LMFAO......there never ceases to be someone who can darn near make me wet my pants every time.
  5. vashka25

    Please help me with a decision

    Regardless of what career you ask that question of you are always going to find people who positively love their career, and those that abhor their chosen profession. I love my job, my fellow staff are amazing, and I have yet to muddle through a day that I haven't learned something new. There are good days, there are bad days, and there have even been days where I have questioned myself on my own chosen path.....but I know that I would never trade my trials and tribulations in for something less challenging, less demanding, or less rewarding. I guess what Im trying to get at is that for me nursing isnt' just a job, its an adventure, a challenge and you have to be ready to take it on. (( just as an added tidbit.....I worked in Forestry/Wildlife Biology for a few years before diving into nursing, and I rarely look back))
  6. vashka25

    What area are you going in to and why?

    I'm off to a cardio-thoracic ICU.....the adrenaline junkie aspect of nursing really has me hooked! Although I've done placements in ICU before, nothing had me prepared for the acuity of the patients I saw when interviewing for this position. A majority of the cases are heart transplant/open heart sx. As scared to death as I am....I am chomping at the bit to jump right in and get my feet wet on this challenging and fast paced unit! Good luck to all the new grads!
  7. vashka25

    Disecting a cat-why?

    A CAT ????? DAMNNN..... We had to assist with an autopsy each.......still have visions of that skull saw in my mind...and that was three years ago. ~Dawn~
  8. vashka25

    The wait is killing me!

    I wrote my finals last week, and our marks aren't mailed out until today or tomorrow.......they won't post grades anymore due to students complaining it was a conflict of confidentiality. (bah humbug I say) So like the rest I you I must succumb to sitting in a chair beside the window so I can watch for the mailman to come down the drive, and pray that my fingernails will last until it arrives...! Good luck to all of you, and merry christmas! ~Dawn~
  9. vashka25

    Please..my anxiety level is soaring..please pray for me

    Well I didn't see this till now, so I am hoping that your exam went well....and now you can let out a big sigh of relief that its over. You could always do what I did last week and spend all weekend studying for the wrong exam and not find out until you show up to write it....(got Nursing A&B mixed up).... Anhow, I pray that you did well on your exam, and please be sure to let us know how you did! We'll keep everything crossed for you until then! ~Dawn~
  10. vashka25

    I love this BB

    This site has been a godsend for me too! I have found so much encouragement, gentle nudges in the right direction, and support when I've most needed it! Not to mention everyone here has been positively fantabulous!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to everyone! Hugs and smiles, ~Dawn~
  11. vashka25

    How do you get tested in your school?

    With the exception of A&P/Bio in first year....every single one of our tests over the past three years have been NCLEX style questions (well CNO here in Ontario).... like many others, they state that the best way to prepare you for your boards is to test you in the same style. I have spent the past month studying review packages for both the boards up here and the NCLEX down in the US (quite similar analogies) to prepare myself for my third year cumulative final in April, and writing the Ontario boards in June (possibly NCLEX too if not endorsed by the state I'll be going to) Oy...okay, enough verbal diarrhea...lol. ~Dawn~ for those of you who still have your term finals to finish I wish you good luck!!!!!! (I wrote my last one Wed!!!!)
  12. vashka25

    I survived!!

  13. vashka25

    Had Me A BLONDE Moment Today !!!!!

    Would Jerry count???? oh no wait..... even I've got more hair on my head than him.....!!!! (honestly....its not fair when a guy can shave his head smoother than I can my legs..!!! :stone ) Thanks for all your finger crossing everyone...I'll let ya know how it turns out! ~Dawn~
  14. vashka25

    Bottles after 3 hours

    Oy.... we'd be thrown out of the hospital if we put formula or even a plastic nipple in the mouth of a babe without consent from the mother first. I can't tell you as a student how many cup feedings I do, or how many mom's I do S&S on with pumped breast milk if need be...or finger feeding....anything to make sure that babe is feeding well and to avoid bottle-feeding unless absolutely necessary. And like most hospitals up here, the Mom may be d/c after 24-48 hrs... but the Pedi's wont let the baby leave the hospital until they are satisfied that proper feeding is established first...(breast or bottle). (*pardon my inexperience as I'm only a student*) Oy what a row this will create when I bring it up in conference on Sat....
  15. vashka25

    Close, but no cigar!

    Oy.... now that would just irk me too! But hey, unlike your school on this BB we round up..... and a 90% is pretty dang good!!!! Congrats!!! ~Dawn~
  16. vashka25

    clinical uniforms

    Our class is organizing a grad party in which we are all going to BURN our whites !!!!! (On a funny note: we don't get hats or pinned for our grad ceremonies or pics...and my class is mad....we want to wear the darn hat and get pinned just like our nursing ancestors have for the past few hundred years)..... must be a Canadian thing...lol.