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looking for american preceptor.......

I am a second year registered nursing student in Canada and am trying to figure out how to find a preceptor in the US to do 2 months of my consolidation with next year. I am not sure how to go about contacting people who might be interested. I am planning on moving to the US when I have completed my training and would like to have some experience in the facilities down there. Any information would be greatly appreciated......

Try writing to any hospital. A nursing student friend of mine was encouraged to apply for a job at a hospital there when she wasn't even finished nursing school. With the shortage if you give them the idea you are interested in working there after graduating they might be able to hook you up with a preceptor. Too bad about you going to the States though...sigh....

Well, I live in a northern state, Minnesota. I have worked with other Canucks, and encourage you to give it a go. In Minnesota, I am not sure of the requirements, for licensure, but have contacts, addresses, etc to contact here. In the twin cities, or the Minneapolis, St. Paul area, is where we live. This year is a contract year this summer. I expect some acrimonious negotiating. We have many unionized facilities. With a strike a good possiblity. Are you interested in hospital nursing? Also, we in Minnesota are close to you, more civilized people. I also have room in our house, we have 1 20 year old female university student, 2 cats, and an interest in Canada. In fact, my daughter is considering relocating to your great country if Roe vs Wade is repealed. However, I suggest you get a little experience before jumping into work here. The stress, new career, relocation, would require much energy. I have 10 glorious years of experience, mostly in the ED, as a RN. Also I have worked in most hospitals in this market area, as an agency nurse. After 1 years experience, that might be your best bet. Then you could make even more money, and find the facility you like best, as an agency RN. Of course, there are many opportunities at present, in both LTC, and hospitals. So graduate, continue exploring options, and get organized. You can contact me at buckboomer@yahoo.com for continuing correspondence. All the best!

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