Will be finishing orientation and getting married - Can I request time off for honeymoon?


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Good evening!

I had a question for you and anyone you think might have a good opinion to. I am a BSN and work at children's hospital in Pittsburgh, PA.

My fiance and I are going to be married at the end of November I will be done with my nursing orientation at my new company about a month from now. I would like to request a week off for our honeymoon. Is this something that in this field would be doable and allowed or not? Thank you so much for your thoughts.

Dear Getting Married,

Congratulations!! and absolutely! Do ask your manager for the time off right away, and the sooner the better.

I can't imagine a nurse manager who would not be happy to give you a week off for your honeymoon. It is definitely allowed and your new colleagues will celebrate with you.

For others who are reading, the best time to request pre-planned time off is right after the job offer. Employers rarely have a problem with plans that have been made ahead of time. At the time of job offer, they want you and are committed to bringing you on board..

In life, your job is important but your loved ones and family are priceless.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth


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Allowed? Depends on the facility policy. Doable? Well, that can be another story. Some facilities finalize the schedules well ahead of time, and if you will be off orientation, you will be counted in the staffing numbers. My facility already has the schedule finalized and out up through the middle of January. Best bet is to get with your manager ASAP and discuss your options. Agree with Nurse Beth- if you have a preplanned event/wedding/vacation and you know at the time of the job offer, ask then.

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I have to disagree also. My hospital does not allow time off during the probation period. And as it will be after orientation and you are in prime holiday time you are most likely being counted on to cover already scheduled vacations.

Check with HR and the unit manager. But don't be surprised if you need to postpone your honeymoon.


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In my experience, you will probably not get it if you are counted in the "numbers." That is something that should have been negotiated when you were offered the job and before you accepted the position. It is something you need to get in writing from the HR person you were working with after you were offered a job and before you accepted the position. I hope you get your honeymoon, but I think your chances may be slim. Good luck.


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Not professional advice, but just wanting to share that I know loads of people who have postponed honeymoons for a variety of reasons. All of them had AMAZING honeymoons when they got to them!


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I ask these types of question on interview.......Do you have any plans that may interfere with classroom orientation/clinical orientation? Write the response right on the interview papers.

As a manager, my philosophy is when staff have a personal issue to take care (your honeymoon) let them do it, otherwise their minds/hearts are not into our patients but at home (honeymoon). They will be better employees if you let them know.........life goes happens. We can't expect our staff to take care of patients if their focus is at home. In my opinion............help them work/life balance.


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Wow, that is a wonderful philosophy! My boss changes people shifts hours before hand, switches people's schedules at the last minute, and tells you if you don't like it you can resign!!

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you are in prime holiday time you are most likely being counted on to cover already scheduled vacations.

But don't be surprised if you need to postpone your honeymoon.

You might have a chance IF you informed your employer WHEN you were hired. But the last 2 -3 months of the year are not only short-handed months for most hospitals but also can be VERY busy as patients overindulge and overwork and often are depressed because of season disappointments. Also it may depend on how long your "orientation" was and how long your probation will be. Now that you are "oriented" if you go off on a leave - it may be more difficult to slip right into the job. But, as said, if you were professional enough to have informed them of your possible job interruption your schedulers may have made arrangements. If someone gets "bumped" from their requested time off to accommodate you, you may return to bad feelings which will not make it easy to integrate. Congratulations and may your next forever be in a cloud of love and cherishing.

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Ask your supervisor!! Dont ask the internet councillor since hospitals have different policies. If you are a new staff, or a rookie, dont expect it. Use you head! Would you give you time off for new marital bliss.