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travduck has 52 years experience as a BSN, RN, CNM and specializes in Rural, Midwifery, CCU, Ortho, Telemedicin.

Stated in nursing as a CNA then got my ADN and then Multiple other initials - R.C.N.P, C.O.N., C.N.M., C.L.N.C., S.S.A.N.E., V.N.I. Now "retired" but still working -addicted to keeping the old juices flowing and unclogged. Working on 52 years in "the business". Write children's stories and poetry on the side.

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  1. travduck

    Is my (50K) BSN worthless?

    Sounds like too many nurses I have seen and who have left nursing. May I suggest that you look at rural small hospital nursing for a while, you will usually not have the time constraints of large hospitals, also you will see things that you wont in l...
  2. travduck

    Are You Really a Nurse?

    i thought you could be called nurse after taking exams but before receiving results and be employed as interim nurse until results received and license. issued. Nursing, recently very apparently. is under attack as a profession. many are calling th...
  3. travduck

    Only Crusty Old Bats will remember..

    Any body remember sitzbaths that were fastened to the wall and you had to schedule time for your patient. Baby isolette chain to take 10 babe to ten moms. Patients who came in "just" for tests when they were already scheduled for major surgeries. Hav...
  4. travduck

    Only Crusty Old Bats will remember..

    Oops forget two of my favourits. Mixing chemo without gloves or Lammy Hood. Being told that nurses didnt need lifting or ambulation assist as only Professionals such as P T knew how to manage such things. Course we were always able to call the Lift S...
  5. travduck

    Only Crusty Old Bats will remember..

    Giving backrub and foot rubs. Menu choices instead of "standard fare for assigned diet" Actually touching AND talking to your patient for longer than 30 seconds. Putting patients first not money. Nursing administration and management who were actual...
  6. travduck

    I made a medication error - Now what???

    Ouch - hope you are not in supervision or management. Talk about eating our young, How about a hand up rather than a kick in the stomach? Not what you say but the vitriolic manner of the statements, and the assumptive manner that because you walk on ...
  7. I agree with Nurse Beth but also think that if you know your drugs well, which you should it might be a good idea to do a quick scan and if something is jumping out at you to mark it and notify the pharmacist. I check my patients meds as 1) many pati...
  8. travduck

    I made a medication error - Now what???

    I agree with amoLucia. This is partially a systems error. There should have been notification from the pharmacy for such a gross change in medication dispensed. If you went to a private pharmacy they sure would have covered their derrieres by making ...
  9. travduck

    Medicaid Fraud - Am I Liable??

    While possible that this nurse would not be implicated in the actual fraud, if discovered she could be charged with being an accessory after the fact. Besides reporting stat she can also consult the legal department of her BORN. Also - does she reall...
  10. travduck


    Just go ahead and list your references who you feel will give you a decent reference. I constantly get reference check requests for past workmates whom I have not heard from. I am honest about the references and if I have trouble remembering the pers...
  11. travduck

    Broken promises

    Has anyone else experienced the abuse of inmate/patients via the slow snail to Mars function of bureaucracy? How does this effect nurse morale and ability to be the best you can be and do up to standard by your patient?
  12. Unfortunately, for all concerned, in the majority of management positions you are required to keep a running log of any concerns and who they were discussed with, even if there is nothing specific. After all the situation just might become "serious: ...
  13. If you were spoken with there is a written report of that conversation in your supervisors file or in your supervisory file. Unfortunately.
  14. Sounds bad. Maybe consider getting a registry job and pull one day a month. Then if things get ugly you have a foot on a lilypad from which to jump. If in a year you can get the writeup pulled then it may be square one again. But be sure to ask for a...
  15. Sounds like you worked in a few of the places that I endured. Yes, there are good managers out there BUT they are often as bullied and lied about and fired as the nurses that they manage and are sometimes fired because they seek to 'protect' their em...