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Roy Hanson has 36 years experience and specializes in as above.

involved in psych, med surg, morgue, any field that stirs the neurons & forces you to think

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  1. Roy Hanson

    Why Nurses Are Leaving the Bedside In Droves

    no surprise! With management changing for the sake of the $$$$. wE SEE on this side of the border. Many supers & general management have no idea HOW to manage.
  2. Roy Hanson

    Methadone clinic job offer

    try it! for 3 to 6 months..your eyes will be opened as to drug addicts and how manipulative they can be. Be careful with what you see and discuss around your kids. A meth clinic are people 'trying' to get off higher powered drugs, which sounds like an oxymoron!
  3. Roy Hanson

    THAT GUT FEELING???!!!!!??

    follow your gut instinct! if it feels wrong..it is!
  4. Roy Hanson

    Taking manual bp on forearm

    no! manual BP...above the elbow, but which arm? Your a nurse? you should know your anatomy of the arm..
  5. until our current Provincial Govt stops the cut backs..we nurses jobs are on teh chopping block. Our CEO spending is governed by Govt hand downs..aka $$$$$$
  6. Roy Hanson

    Being bullied at work

    find another job!
  7. Roy Hanson

    How would Medicare for all affect nursing?

    watch your pay cheque!
  8. courtesy has left the building! YOu start infusion(IV) near the end of shift. You advise the Boss Nurse at that time. She SHOULD advise teh next shift to check on it. Common Sense, but in this day & age, is missing.
  9. Roy Hanson

    school nurse as a mom

    some you will miss, some you wont.
  10. Roy Hanson

    Taking BSN classes while working: Feasible?

    it AINT easy, honey! you have TWO jobs..degree NURSING school IS full time. You are training to be a supervisor/leader. Burn out these days is big time. Choose wisely.
  11. get married first or is the boyfriend afraid of committment, then finish your schooling and work for awhile. Give your kid a regular family. Keep your legs closed for a year or two, not open for business. THEN once you have a regular job, then open for business! Stay off drugs & booze/smoke for a year to give the kid a chance at a normal life. Nothing worse then seeing a baby born from a addict, the baby does go through withdrawl, and it AINT pretty.
  12. Roy Hanson

    Are nurses and doctors equal?

    In the eyes of the patient, both of u are equal. He is more equal than you. you are a NURSE..helping the doctor. Learn how to help & assist him.
  13. Roy Hanson

    Feeling discouraged about nursing school

    you are learning a new skill! If you dont know ASK! Dont rely on your smartphone..that isthe easy way out. Asking involves talking to a human!
  14. Roy Hanson

    How do you deal with personal attacks at work?

    big words. If you dont like it, leave! They have a sub culture, that you are unable to cope with. Welcome to office politics! As long as they get the job done, leave your ego at the nurses station. Is the boss man/lady encouraging this?
  15. Roy Hanson

    Not hearing from former nurse co-workers

    so what? Welcome to the real world honey. Get another job, get on with life.
  16. Roy Hanson

    I hate wound care terminology

    I enjoy the terms used...Low Level group home! How ego on your part! Not everyone has the luxury of a catered retirement apartments, with $4K/month rent. The LPN was veteran and used language, EVERY one understands. NOW, hang your ego at the door next time you deal with a fistula in a patient. Your there to deal with a wound. Get off the Cross, I need the wood to heat the house.

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