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  1. target98765

    Grounding pad sites

    I am presently employed at a pediatric hospital. There seems to be a lot of discussion at my facility around bovie pad site placement in infants. I am curious where some of you place bovie pads for infants that are full term 6 to 12 months or so that don't have a lot of "real estate" to place a bovie pad. Thank you!!!!
  2. target98765

    Rant: subservient RNs

    Very frustrated with where I work right now. I am used to a very cohesive, interdisciplinary group of proffesionals that address issues that come up together. In my newish job (been there close to a year) Everyone runs to the manager with complaints. It is ridiculous. The docs run everything, tramp all over the RNS and want our working routines to change to adapt to their needs; basically a workaround for their weaknesses that RNS have to pick up the slack for. Also we put patients to sleep, I was in a room with two other RNS and my patient urinated after falling asleep., one of the nurses I work with...hold on to your hat....asked the anes doc if we should change the patient now or after the procedure and the anes doc said, no, let the patient lay in it....I got pretty testy because A. I will be d@*#ed if I am going to ask permission to clean up a patient who urinated on themselves from a doctor....and B. That is not right....letting a patient lay in their urine in wet clothes and blankets because the anes doc doesn't want to make the procedurlist wait....So I said, "no, we are not going to let this patient lay in their urine" and I proceed to change to patient and clean them up. Well this anes doc did not like me saying that and made a snide comment and then reported me for insubordination...I mean, I get it, Godforbid we hold up the procedure, and the patient was heavy, but still....really???? Is this 1950? Guess I will have to stand up the next time he enters the room.
  3. target98765

    Nursing student getting abuse from instructor

    Is the OP a millenial?
  4. target98765

    Did you choose nursing because it was your "calling"?

    Are you a nurse? This is just never going to happen.
  5. target98765

    Why I'm leaving nursing

    I love my job now, I work with a great supportive team, BUT that does not erase the 20 years I spent miserable and unhappy in part due to my husband that would not pay for me to go school to change careers, nor let me quit my job. Still married but it is hard to forgive the last 20 years. AT least I love my newish job.
  6. target98765

    Why I'm leaving nursing

    Well, get out or go back for an advanced degree in nursing.
  7. target98765

    I hate nursing

    I don't understand this post. IF you are unhappy, start planning your escape now. Saying that "all the women in your family are nurses is really weird. .sorry. just leave and do something else.
  8. target98765

    Why I'm leaving nursing

    Nope, the union statement is untrue. Most hospitals do not have unions for nurses and in fact hospitals spend millions on blocking nurses unions from organizing. Nursing sucks in the US. I have been told by administrators if I don't like how things are going don't let the door hit you on the way out; for every one of you there are two nurses waiting for your position. Sad but true.
  9. target98765

    Why I'm leaving nursing

    You are very courageous! I would have left years ago if I could have. I am sure you have a plan in place? Would you mind me asking what your future plans are? I have been very unhappy with my nursing career and I have experienced some of what you have, but I recently found a wonderful position. Good luck to you.
  10. target98765

    Feeling like the dumbest nurse on earth

    :)hang in there!! You are on the right path for success! !!!!!
  11. target98765

    Not sure if this is stupid question or not but..

    Yes they do!! 😉 and you don't have to pay! They usually offer PEARS, PALS, and ACLS as well free of charge!
  12. target98765

    Feeling like the dumbest nurse on earth

    Oh my. I just feel like this is harassment that should be addressed. It is obvious that you are not 100% ready to be off orientation!! Maybe go to your manager and suggest a skills fair for the unit, also invite the critical care chief to the meeting, I have found that docs love to teach, it is just who they are and they have always been willing to help on my unit regarding teaching of nursing staff. I also want to recommend that you try to find a mentor. If someone has been nice and helpful to you on or off your unit, up front ask them to mentor you!!! I work at a top 5 children's hospital and they have this type of program, it truly helps you on tough days. Sounds like there are other new nurses on your unit that would benefit from some skills fairs. I am not sure how it works at your hospital but new nurses hired for critical care are called "nurse interns" for 1 year and attend skills classes as well as didactic curriculum classes; they are day shift only for the year, must be observed by the unit CNS or expert level nurse (usually the charge nurse) for things such as the a line 3 times to be signed off on skills. My other suggestion is that you join a critical care nurses association, you can network with supercritical care nurses and attend educational sessions. From my heart, best of luck to you!! And be gentle with yourself.
  13. target98765

    Feeling like the dumbest nurse on earth

    Listen, this post makes me feel very bad and I'm sorry you are being treated so awfully. My suggestion to you is to set up a meeting with your educator and/or your nurse manager. Be sure to also invite your preceptor to this meeting. You need to sit down ahead of time and write down what is going right and what is going wrong with your orientation and write everything down; how things are going, how your preceptor is making you feel, what your goals are for your learning your job duties. Whatever you do; Don't discuss the topic of the meeting with your preceptor prior to the sit down. I would gently suggest to you that you make this meeting at a time you are not expected to be working your shift. You need to be honest about what is going wrong; and you need to choose your words carefully, and be gentle in describing the shortfalls of you preceptor. Going in you need to know a few things: you are not dumb, you obviously went to nursing school and that is no joke! The result of this meeting will end in two things, either you can "start over" with you preceptor, clear the air tell her that you are not getting what you need from her in order to be successful in your job (then tell her what it is you do need to become successful) OR you will be assigned a new preceptor and you can start over. This is YOUR job, YOUR license, YOUR life; you need to make a stand and fight for your job. Where ever you are working has hired you and they also have a responsibility to you to give you a good orientation and it's your responsibility to make sure you get a good orientation. Do not let this other nurse use you for her fodder, but confident in your skills and continue to build on them. You are a brand new nurse; they knew that going in and therefore, no questions should go unanswered and you should certainly not be made to feel like you are stupid for asking them. 6 weeks also seems so short for a brand new nurse....Good Luck and remember there is a place for you at that table and you have every right to sit at it.
  14. target98765

    Am I a bully?

    Was the nurse you were speaking to a millennial? Because they are special you know, you have to be very careful with their delicate feelings. They don't like to be crush like a little flower so tread carefully around them. You have to super sweet and nice to them, but make sure you wear a hard hat so that when they step on you to get up to the next level you don't get a concussion. Also beware the tire marks when they throw you under the bus. Can you tell I am over these millennials? I have never had any trouble at work until the millennials entered the work force and started to complain about how everyone else talks to them.
  15. target98765

    Nursing Supervisor is Inappropriate

    No question at all here!!! He needed to be reported months ago. This won't get better and this is a clear case of sexual harassment in the work place. Report it ASAP.
  16. target98765

    Is money everything in this profession?

    Apparently! !!