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Why not go in as an Independent RN Contractor

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why not??

perhaps cause all the hospitals here are unionized and that sort of thing would fly like a lead balloon!!!.

and to do what i do, i have to work in one of those unionized hospitals....

that is why i don't.

by the way, is this an ad?????:confused:


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might want to clear this w/brian first if it is an ad.

Why are all these people promoting this? Some people wouldn't want it anyway. Don't you have to incorporate, do all your tax deductions (social security, medicare), carry different insurances. Some people don't want to be bothered with all that.

Just an idea. My first contract was in a union hospital. They are short just like all other facilities. Good Luck in what ever route you have chosen!!

Looks like an add to me. If the pay is so great why are you spending your free time selling these manuals?


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well i know this union would FROWN bigtime on this.....

like i said, if this is an ad or self-promotion, hope you cleared this w/brian first.

Independent RN Contracting is a relatively new concept in nursing. Traditionally, nurses have worked as employees of health care institutions, registries, government agencies,physicians and a variety of other private and public entities. Nurses have been cast in the role of someone's employee. There is no hard and fast rule that says you have to be an employee of someone else in order to be a satisfied working nurse. I understand that some nurses may not be ready to accept the new role that nurses are exploring, but we are out there and opening the doors for many other possibilities and opportunities for others. In response to....Is this advertising. No, I just feel that I am very knowledgeable and experienced in this field and why not give others the information that I have gathered making it easier for them to start in as an Independent RN Contractor. Thank You for your responses and have a great day!!

I don't know why nurses get so irrate when they hear someone is doing a job they like and is sharing, but it seems only when it regards agency ect..why?.:confused: Every job has its disadvantages. Put up with politics or put up with complexity of doing your taxes? Both do one same thing CARE FOR PATIENTS:)

Thanks for the input!!

I've worked 3 different hospitals. The current hospital I work for doesn't use any outside help (agency and etc)

Out of the 3 hospitals I've worked for--this hospital has the best nurse patient ratio.


What type of nurse patient ratio do you work under??

I usually secure my contracts in critical care units and the nurse patient ratio is consistantly 1:2 on rare occassion, if you have a patient that is ready to transfer out, you may be asked to take a third patient. The nice thing is I know if I really am unhappy with the hospital or in general the way things are going, my contract will be ending soon so....there is always a motivating factor!! Have a great day, I go back to the grind tonight.:)

SharonH, RN

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"This Business Prospect Is Easily Incorporated Into All Fascists Of Nursing.* "

Just a helpful suggestion here, and I am saying this in all sincerity because I support and respect what you are doing here, but I think the word you were looking for is "facets" of nursing.

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I worked as an in independent contractor as an RN Consultant for three Adult Dare Care companies.

I kind of fell into this work, as I met a nurse who wanted to take time off for maternity, and had to find a replacement to cover her contracts. I really liked the work. It did pay a little more than I made at a regular nursing job. But, Medicaide reimbursement for ADC is only $27. a day per client, so these places can't pay much. I did have to figure out my own taxes and stuff. Dh took care of all of that for me.

I ended up having to move out of the area for my husband's career. The area where we are now does not have a large retiree population, so there is only one ADC Ctr here. Texas law requires ADC Ctrs to have an RN on site for only four hours a week per location, so I worked at four different ctrs.

I did end up getting plenty of hours, however, because I filled in for the full-time LVN (as well as being RN Consultant) postions at a couple of centers when they lost their LPNs and had trouble finding replacements.

I received my same RN Consultant pay for filling in for the LVNs.

Hard to take you seriously when this statement is on the first page of your website!

This Business Prospect Is Easily Incorporated Into All Fascists Of Nursing.*

Fascists????? :eek:

Wow..I never even considered going independent when I was doing clinical nursing but it isn't a bad idea. I am doing workers comp CM now for a company and I also do legal nursing on the side (I have to deal with my own taxes on that). I am enrolled in the Life care planning certification course so eventually will be certified to do that as well...someday I may take all three to the independent level..guess I just never thought about doing it clinically. Good for you!!

Thank you to the wonderful proof readers I must have missed that one!!

the hospital here uses contract workers. the nurses seem to enjoy their independence.

p.s. there is nothing wrong with promoting one's self.

I think that many nurses today find themselves in a frustrating work situation. They love their work (nursing) and hate their job. Nurses want independence, respect and a higher income. The answer is for the nurse to earn his or her livelihood directly rather than an employee of another. There it is nurses.....another fascet in the wonderful field of nursing......Independent RN Contracting!! Have a great day it is beautiful here in Ohio.

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