Why all the fuss? Influenza.


Thousands line up in clinics all over the nation. Reported deaths weekly as reported in media. What is this all about?

It seems every year we have the virus of the year award handed out to some waitlist virus. What will be the next virus? Everyone place their bets. Perhaps it is those wintertime blues setting in to ensure that the health care industry meets their annum quota to be able to pay off the incurred debt of 1996.


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It's a pretty big thing when you see a neighbor child has died from "just the flu."

It's not a lot of fuss, it's a tragedy.

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It's not just a fuss when your grandmother dies of it.


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I take it personally when someone I knew of dies of complications of flu/ flulike symptoms. this was kinda callous post really.

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We have had a couple of college kids die from the latest strain of flu and personally, since my three year old has a cough, sore joints and a 2 day history of 104 temps despite tepid baths and alternating motrin and tylenol, I also think that was a callous post....

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I agree, it's very callous.

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Although it would seem our media doesn't report on the flu much in Australia - I might only see maybe 1 or 2 reports on the TV news and another 2 or 3 articles in the newspaper addressing health concerns and who needs to be vaccinated. I wish the media would report more on it - my Grandmother is what - - - 76 and she has NOT never ever had a flu shot AT ALL. I am beyond amazement that she has not had the flu as much as even the common cold for nearly 2 yrs. YET I worry tremendously what the flu will do to her. I have only had the flu once in the month of June - I was 14 (as healthy as you can get and very fit) and I was pretty much in bed for a week only getting up to go to the toilet and not fully recovered by at least early September - still the effects are apparent ever since that year . That is why I worry so much about my Grandmother not making an appointment to get her flu shot. The importance of being vaccinated is not reported a whole lot here (Australia).

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Influenza, the 'flu.... every year it kills so many...

the very young, the very old... and even just regular people like you and I.... (considering that a good portion of this board has been shocked by losing a 'bud from complications from flu.... it stings.)

tgibson3770... Personally, I believe trivializing 'flu as a debt fighter, is a horrible thing to do... from where are you getting your reference re:1996? I'd like to parooze it on my own time...

Influenza is met with similar 'fuss' every year.... this years strain is very virulent... Deaths from this disease are horrible trageties...



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C'mon girls, cut the guy a break.

He/she is simply saying the media's response to the flu outbreak is out of proportion to the actual flu situation.

The media is hyping it...scaring people spitless....

Thousands standing in line for hours for 400 injections.....

This years' flu is no different that any other years' flu.

Children, the elderly, and all ages in between die annually from the flu.

Why the irrationality of the media?? It's a good question.

Why are the talking heads calling this outbreak - - - it is NOT an epidemic.....why are they calling it a pandemic outbreak??

it is not pandemic...but that word conjures up images of the 1917-1918 pandemic and creates fear/panic/hysteria where there is no basis for it....

Why take this thread so personally?? And condemn it...

The OP is asking a question.

""What is happening to create all this flu alarm??""

One answer is: It isn't the deaths....read all the stats...flu deaths every year exceed 30,000.

Why all the fuss and alarm THIS YEAR ??

Cause of the hype....

We can communicate and share so much better if we read and listen, ask questions.....just like in face to face communications.

It's really difficult to communicate with someone who's first response is , " I don't like what you said, it's callous."

He isn't talking about dying children and grandmothers....

Cut the poster a break...

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Why not condemn it? And why give the guy a break, as it were? It was obviously worded to elicit a response, so the person responsible for the post got exactly what he or she wanted....Why argue with getting what you want? And why not express an opposite view or "condemn" ( as you put it) or disagree with someone....It was tacky.....It had the success it elicited, and it has NOT changed my opinion one single bit, but then I have three toddlers and no available flu vaccine to give them......So MY viewpoint might be tainted and my panties might be in a twist at the mere suggestion of levity on this subject so YES, I took it personally and for exactly what it was....Callous, as several have said.....

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All the hype does seem like overkill to me, and instead of scaring everyone why not broadcast some informational bits with how to manage the aches and fever and when to go to the doc. If people knew how and when to use Tylenol we'd have accomplished something...

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I think the fear mostly revolves around the fact that the symptoms are so innocuous and with toddlers or older people, can mimic other maladies....In this particular strain ( and we have had someone in pedi admitted that suddenly was critical after simply talking with us not three hours before)...My child had been on rotating tylenol and motrin and I really think it might be viral ( duh, so is the flu) BUT with persistant temps of 104 and the quickness that this latest strain attacks children, I am a bit leery and I, for one, despite any media "hype" and 23 years of nursing, am still cautious and worried despite the fact that I DO know how to use tylenol.....Thinking that the CDC wouldn't have it out there to such a degree if they werent just a BIT worried.....

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