Why Does It Have to Be Like This??? (Vent)

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I have finally reached the last few weeks of a very trying nursing program

Here's the problem:

All along the class has had "the clique" that is led by one person who basically is the brain and mouth for the group. In planning for the nurse pinning ceremony there have been a LOT of problems, mainly because the leader of "the clique" and one of the group members took it upon themselves to plan the entire ceremony and then asked for the money for it.

It was then brought up that it a project for all of the class to plan. Only at that point were other people's input considered and some changes to the ceremony were made...but the damage was done. It has reached the point where a few have decided not to participate and the tension is palpable.

I am just sooooo ready for this all to be over with because it seems like some adults insist on acting like children and that this foolishness has put a dark cloud over the entire event. :angryfire

Had the same problem in my LPN class.

The instructors all wanted us to have a dinner dance after the graduation ceremony. They were stuck in a 1960's hospital RN time warp.

The in clique had organized a party after the ceremony for everyone at a sportsbar!

Bear in mind we had ages ranging from 19-52. Women with children and women whose culture forbade alcohol.

Saner head prevailed. Roughly (the 42 people who weren't in the in group of 8).

They had a party. The rest of us refreshments after the grad ceremony. We even offered to pay the difference to add hor'doevrs (cant spell the word) to the buffet. The instructors didn't like that plan and stuck to cakes and soft beverages.

Most of us enjoyed it. We didn't have alot in common and how long can people who only ever had coffee together be expected to socialize?

Exact same situation in my LPN class. A few snobs made the decisions for the whole group, ran the whole pinning ceremony, chose the music (terribly sappy pop song that made me want to barf) but I figured it should also be a celebration that it was the last time I'd have to share anything with those bozos so I suffered through it.

After that it was over and their clique status didn't amount to a hill of beans.

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In my nursing class, a few planned an event that suited them. It didn't suit most of the "non-traditional students." I didn't go and don't think I missed anything. The three people in my class I cared to keep in touch with I still see regularly.

I had actually forgotten about it until I read your post. I suspect so will it be with you. You'll be so busy with worrying about boards first, then learning on your job, that it will be the last thing on your mind.

seriously, don't waste time or energy getting angry or annoyed with the people that u go to school with, IT'S NOT WORTH IT! i went to school with immature snotty girls and by my last semester, i was just ready to get the heck out of there. i was done with the students and faculty and they were getting under my skin. don't get me wrong there were some great people that i met there and still keep in touch with, but for those that u don't really care for u more than likely won't have to deal with them after school, at least luckily that has been my experience. it will all be done before u know it! :)

Thanks guys for the support. For a while I was really bothered by it all. You echoed my feelings csushi when you said that both the faculty and your classmates had gotten under your skin and you were just ready to be done. I guess I feel the same way! Now I'm in a dilemma about whether to chance the placement test for the RN-bridge program (even though I still need to finish approx. 5 pre-req's, I could still get accepted) to try to get in for next May, or whether to just use next year to finish up pre-req's and get some work experience under my belt and start RN-bridge in Jan. 06?

See--too much other much more important stuff to worry about.

BTW, any input on the above situation would be greatly appreciated!


"'Twas ever thus ..." Don't worry, it'll all be over soon. :)

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I did the LPN thing in 92 - didn't go to the pinning or graduation, did the ADN thing in 94 - ditto. Finished the BSN (online) in May 04 - no graduation and will finish an MSN in June 05 - still won't go to graduation. As a non-traditional (read - adult) student - the learning for me is more on a personal level. At my age, I just don't feel these ceremonies meant anything to me. I worked full-time while going to school and didn't socialize with any other students. Like one poster stated - we had little in common. Good luck with whatever route you choose.

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We told the mouth of the class "for once, shut up". In order for it all to be a CLASS event the whole CLASS needed the moment to speak up. :)

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