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  1. Luv2banurse2004

    Does anyone like working 7p-7a?

    I just returned to 12 hr NOCs after a 3 month hiatus (d/t relocation). I LOVE it. I work three and even though I am not much of a day sleeper (I usually get 4 hours) I have my schedule arranged so as not to be totally exhausted. I don't have any trouble staying awake--I keep busy most of my shift. Also, I work w/a great crew of folks on nocs. Even when I previously worked in acute care on nocs, we pulled together and no one was ever just left to fend for themselves. I did not have this experience on days--it was a "dog-eat-dog" environment with lots of staff "wars."
  2. Luv2banurse2004

    Yessssss!! I Passed!

    :balloons: :balloons: :roll :roll I took the NCLEX-PN last week and just got my license in the mail today! I am so happy that this part of my life is over at least. Now preparing for RN bridge program next year! I just knew that I had failed, but I'm so happy that I didn't!
  3. Luv2banurse2004

    Question about residency requirement

    Hoping someone can help...I am SERIOUSLY considering a move to AZ within the next year or so. Problem is I'm in a dilemma as to whether to stay where I am (I HATE this place!!!) and finish my RN program (I'm currently LPN looking to bridge) or move to AZ and complete the bridge program there. I believe that I read about a 1 year residency requirement before I can get in-state tuition. If so, that definitely needs to be considered before I make a final decision. If anyone has any info about this I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
  4. Just curious to find out what have been your proudest moments in nursing school so far? Finishing is a given!!!! :) I promise that I had two, but I've been working on a care plan like all week and I swear to you that I cannot even begin to remember what they were! I'll post them when I regenerate a few new brain cells.
  5. Luv2banurse2004

    This semester...Done!!!!!

    I am sooooooo relieved! I finished Nursing I and II with a B! I was just so stressed out, because at our school we have to pass a state pharm test with at least 80% (1 chance to retest and if you fail that--no matter what your grade is in the class--you fail the class also). I was so stressed out the first time I took it that I failed big time. But I recentered my thoughts, focused myself and passed it with 100% the second time and I did great on the final yesterday. Next round--here I come! It will be way more intense, so I'm starting to prepare myself right now. I'm just very excited at this moment! :balloons:
  6. Luv2banurse2004

    The different kind of nursing students

    The person who asks 456 questions a minute, with each question being more off-the-wall than the last? I mean most questions are so far in left field that the entire class and instructor are usually like huh? The "attitude" who is just constantly exuding attitude, the eye rolling, the sarcastic tone of voice, the smart remarks (to instructors and classmates)...but usually sweet-as-pie when they need something from you, i.e., to copy your notes, a pencil, etc. The "I-don't-do-it-that-way" expert. Will ask you what/how you're doing something and then proceed to berate you because you are doing it differently from the way they would do it, therefore it's wrong, time-consuming, etc. :angryfire I feel like I'm forgetting someone, but you guys covered the other 50% of my class :chuckle
  7. Luv2banurse2004

    False Expectations?

    Hopefully I've answered your questions (see above). Trust me, its not like cleaning up after a child or an animal, but you certainly don't want someone lying in it if they can't clean themselves so you do what ya gotta.
  8. Luv2banurse2004

    Be completely honest......

    YESSSSSSSSSSSS, but, I think so because nursing changes the way that you think! You really think outside the box a lot in nursing school and it can be very challenging at times. There is tons of reading and lots of assignments, test, quizzes, etc. Not to mention the need to "dance to other's music" at times when you really would care not to, but that's not only nursing, that's life. If you focus, focus, focus and put your energy into doing your best you'll be fine.
  9. Luv2banurse2004

    False Expectations?

    Just wanted to know if others thought that too many nursing student's expectations of nursing are maybe jaded by the nurses on ER or other t.v. shows? We are almost done with our first set of clinicals, and one girl dropped out of the program last week because as she said "I'm sick of seeing BM and lifting and moving pts. This is not what I expected of nursing." :angryfire What did she think--we were going to go in, fresh into nursing school & clinicals to boot, and start giving medications? Call me simple but I love when the family members thank me for doing whatever I did to help their sick loved one. Not to mention the fact that we have also learned trach care, PEG tube flushing, NG tube insertion, and lots of other things hands on. Guess its just different strokes for different folks.
  10. Luv2banurse2004

    Re: Florida's 1st prize in the "Salary Hall of Shame"

    At one time I was REALLY excited about the possibility of moving to FL, however, after doing a little research we decided against it d/t what was, in our opinion, very low pay. I was hoping that the cost of living would be lower to justify the lower wages, but I found the cost of living to be much more expensive than I imagined. Interestingly, some friends of ours were considering a move to FL because of family there, but they decided against it for the same reasons that we did although the husband is an electrician. Although I was a bit disappointed b/c we'd been considering FL for about 2 yrs., we just didn't think it would be worth it in the end. Just my 2 pennies.
  11. Luv2banurse2004

    Spring Break! Woo-hoo!!!

    I am today officially beginning my spring break (just finished class). VERY MUCH needed as I am just burned out physically and mentally. Only thing is we have tons of reading and about 2-3 assignments to do. I plan to get that done Fri-Sun. so that I can rest next week and not end up cramming for the last few days. Other than that cleaning and laundry calls my name, but I may not answer for a few days! So glad to get a break.
  12. Luv2banurse2004


    Thanks dlmickley What you describe are the emotions I go through from one day to the next...one day I'm ecstatic about being in nursing school & loving every minute of everything, then the next day I'm questioning if I'm cut out for nursing, if I can finish school (blah, blah, blah). Thanks for your input of the CC nursing programs. That will be helpful in our decision making. Thanks again and Congrats on your ADN! Great motivation for me!
  13. Luv2banurse2004


    Sorry...kinda lengthy I am currently in an LPN program that will be finishing in December 2004. Hubby (hopefully) will be starting in Aug. 04 (finishing in 8/05). Question: Want to stay put and finish my RN degree which will take about another 1 1/2 years, but another part of me is soooooooooo (trust me I want to add a few more o's) ready to go. We are looking to relocate to AZ. No guarantee that hubby will get in this year, if not next shot is Jan or Aug. 05. I noticed in particular Rio Salado College has a "fast track" program for LPN-to RN. Should I stay put and try to stick it out here with the RN program, or should I investigate the transition programs in AZ? If by chance hubby & I are both LPN's before moving, I'm figuring financially it won't be too bad to do a 1 1/2 yr program in AZ...BTW the program I looked at had an estimated cost of 1,850 including books. My LPN program alone is going to cost 4,000+ so I'm looking at potential lower tuition in AZ as well...still just don't know...very afraid of moving to soon and getting sidetracked. Any input or thoughts are very appreciated, although I know we'll ultimately have to make the final decision. :kiss in advance for any help you can give!
  14. Luv2banurse2004

    Strongest Asset(s) for Nursing

    Just wanted to find out from other nursing students what do you believe is your strongest asset that will help you in your career as a nurse? I believe mine is empathy. I remember reading a quote that described empathy as "your pain in my heart" and I try to always stay in tune with the feelings and emotions of others. I'm usually the one friends and family come to to talk about problems and get advice. I have always been the kind of person to go out of my way to try to help someone with whatever resources I have or know of. I thought it was very flattering that in my last job at a law office one of the clients, a retired doctor, was informed by the attorney that I was going to school to be a nurse. The doctor said "I can tell by her personality that she will make a great nurse." Made me feel real good about choosing this profession!
  15. Luv2banurse2004

    Got some of my books...

    Those are all the books we'll need for the entire program. Its expensive but I won't have to worry about it for the duration of the program. Plus...I may have time to read ahead for the next semester and prepare for those courses lol (ok, maybe during the semester breaks;)
  16. Luv2banurse2004

    The Icky Thing You Dread The Most

    CCU NRS thanks for reassuring me that my personal fear is a normal one! Excellent point that even an expired patient is still my patient. No doubt, having cared for them, I would want to make sure their families can see them in a dignified way and I do believe my own experiences will help me on some level identify with families. Thanks so much! I know the nurse in me can overcome! :kiss