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  1. Interviewing...need help...dish the dirt!

    thanks for the reply molly! :) any bit of info. is certainly helpful. i guess i'll cont. to try to interview and see what happens, hopefully i'll end up in the right place.
  2. I need help! i moved here from WI a few months ago, just passed my boards the end of last month and i'm just now trying to jump back on the band wagon! i just took a tour of the heart hospital today (they've got some great alt. therapies) and hav...
  3. Attn all recent NCLEX-RN test takers! I need your help!!!

    i know exactly how u r feeling right now, been there done that twice! i just retook my exam at the end of Sept. and PASSED :balloons: the 1st time around i received all 265, ran out of time & didn't even finish my exam! i didn't study too har...
  4. Why Does It Have to Be Like This??? (Vent)

    seriously, don't waste time or energy getting angry or annoyed with the people that u go to school with, IT'S NOT WORTH IT! i went to school with immature snotty girls and by my last semester, i was just ready to get the heck out of there. i was don...
  5. shocked at what I saw!

    i have never heard of such an insane amount! it is more likely than not illegal for anyone to be responsible for 34 pt's. there is absolutely no way that proper care can be given. the facility should be reported, that is someone's mother, father, ...
  6. took nclex today got 88 or 90 ques!! please help

    congratulations!!!!! i know exactly how you feel. i just passed mine the end of last week!!
  7. I need help!

    hey cailly, do u by any chance live in WI? i graduated recently and your story is so familiar. i and many of my friends went through the same thing. it's extremely frustrating and u would think that there would be more comradery among a profession mo...
  8. Pay Scale

    i can't believe that u had 10 yrs previous experience as an LPN and u had 2 fight for $20/hr as a GN!!!! that's just ridiculous! was this a recent transition? most of the hospitals in the area that i lived in avg. ~the $20/hr range. i think that mos...
  9. Pay Scale

    is anyone familiar with starting pay rate as an ICU nurse in the NM area? moved from WI where GN start rate 20.25/hr