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I need help! i moved here from WI a few months ago, just passed my boards the end of last month and i'm just now trying to jump back on the band wagon! :rolleyes:

i just took a tour of the heart hospital today (they've got some great alt. therapies) and have been invited back to interview on fri., i also f/u with women's hosp. (formerly NE hosp.?), and presby.:uhoh3:

i haven't sent anything out to UNM hosp.

am i on the right track?!:uhoh21:

i'm looking for an icu position days/pms, (but kinda keeping an open mind to anything that comes my way). i eventually want to go back to school to become a nurse anesthetist. can u guys pls. help me and dish some dirt if need be. i don't want to go into this blind. :specs:


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I work at Presbyterian L&D, I know nothing about ICU at Presbyterian and nothing about any of the other hospitals. I moved back here after nursing school last year and went off of a friends recomendation to apply at presbyterian, she said they had the best overall package. I am very happy where I work. I also applied at UNMH, they have a GN residency program where you work in 3-4 areas of the hospital over a year and then you get to decide what you want, it is a great program if you don't know what area you want to work. That is all of the info I have, if you have any other question you can PM me.


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thanks for the reply molly! :) any bit of info. is certainly helpful. i guess i'll cont. to try to interview and see what happens, hopefully i'll end up in the right place.

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