Who is working outside of healthcare while in Nursing School?

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I have been doing administrative/accounting work for last 12 years. I just finished my first semster of nursing school and let me tell you...I have lost all interest and motivation in my current job. Just coming to work can be unbearable as I can rarely concentrate on my work anymore..(hence you find me here on ALLNURSES) :chuckle

I have alot of freedom in my current job and so far they have been flexible and supportive of my educational plans (minus any tuition reimbursement :o ). So I am very hesitant to make a change (if it ain't broke don't fix it mentality).

But lately I have been considering switching to a healthcare related job...like unit clerk, monitor tech, or nurse tech. The positions would probably come with a pay cut of $2 or $3 an hour...but may be worth it if the hospital I work for offers tuition reimbursement and I can get some satisfaction out of my work.

So I am just wondering if anyone else has found themself in this situation and can share what they decided and how it turned out?




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I can relate! I haven't left my job yet, b/c the pay cut would be significant. Sometimes, i like coming back to something that isn't nursing, like after a long lecture. Other times, I really wish I had more daily experience. I also don't get tuition reimbursment, but I did get merit based scholarships. I just finished my first semester and will probably work here through another semester or two. That would be working in a hospital by my last semester.

I've heard pros and cons to both working in healthcare during school and not. I only like working outside of it when we're really busy. Time flies! Otherwise, I'm sooo bored. I try not to study at work too much (guilt), but I will occupy myself other ways.


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I currently work for the US postal service and it's not too bad. The only thing was that they did not want to let me work less than 30 hours/wk and that wasn't going to fly in the spring when I will be in class/clinic for close to 40 hours/wk. I had put in my 2 week notice and they finally stepped up to the plate and I will now be able to work 3 8hr shifts on Fri, Sat and Sun. Not too shabby.

However, I have wanted to get a student tech job for a while now, even though it will be a pay cut of a couple of bucks. I interviewed for a weekend job at the major hospital in town and got the job, and then they discovered that they had a budget crisis and a hiring freeze was put into place, who knows when it will be lifted... I guess I can count my blessings though that the PO pulled through for me!



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I agree whole heartedly. I work as a network analyst and I have no motivation to come to work. I was excited when school was in just for the fact that I could leave early to go to class. It is very boring at work. I found that most of the students in my class were STNA's and they could relate to alot of the scenarios in my nursing fundamentals class. It seems like it would be so much easier to understand the material when you are working in the field. It allows you to ask a lot of questions and observe more.

I am going to apply to a patient care program this summer at one of the local hospitals which will give me some valuabe learning experience.


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I currently work as a customer service agent at an airline and I absolutley hate my job. If anyone has seen the show Airline on A&E you'll understand why. I just finished my first semester of nursing school and have found hating my job motivates me to push myself harder to do well in school:) I have looked into applying for some nurse tech jobs this summer but my family loves to fly. (I don't get to travel much anymore b/c of school) I don't even mind taking a pay cut I hate my job so much. I've been there 7 years. I told my counselor I would rather wipe butts all day than work another year at my current job. Oh well, we'll see what happens.

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Tomorrow is my last day of my "non-healthcare" job. Next week I start a job in NICU as a unit secretary. The job I'm leaving would've totally been supportive of my decision for nursing school, would've let me work totally flexible hours but I HATE my job there with a passion. I don't even think I would've made it there 1 full semester. Just as soon as I found out I was accepted into the nursing program, I began to hate my job even more.....

I'm taking a huge pay cut to take the NICU job but I think the training, experience, etc...not to mention job happiness is going to be totally worth it in the end. Plus, they offer a scholarship that hopefully will pay for the rest of my school....which is a huge plus.

The biggest plus is that for the first time in almost 6 years I am totally excited about my job and I can't wait to start. I'm acting like a 6 year old just about ready to open my Christmas presents, that's how excited I am and even though the money thing is a little scary.....I think it's going to be totally worth it in the end.


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I quit my non-healthcare job last week which was 2 weeks early I could not take it anymore the motivation was none and I thought I should rest and find a job as a nurse tech. I was an Customer Serv. Rep. for a mortgage company. I took like 100 calls a day it just became so boring. I am looking forward to finding a job as a nurse tech.

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I work at home as an editor/proofreader, and I have a internet business (which is tangentially health-related). I'm looking forward to quitting my editing job in May after I finish 2nd semester and can get a job as an extern.


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I currently work as a telephone operator at a Casino. The only reason I am still here is because they allow me to study on the clock, work around my hours, and will let me go part time. But I am tired of working here (been here for 7 years), and the local hospital has a nice program, if you sign up to work for them for 2 years. They will pay you for 36 hours each week while you go to school if you work one 12 hour shift a week. But for right now I plan to stay here until I can't take the 40 hrs. So by this time next year I will be quitting, but right now I have a good setup.


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It makes me feel better to know that I am not the only one losing interest in my current job. I will probably have to stay through this coming year... :crying2: but then I will be looking for my first LPN position...WOOHOO!

I will be counting down the months... :rotfl:

Best of luck to all of you on your new positions and for those of you that are going to hang in a while yet, keep you chin up and your nose in the books. It won't be long...



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I quit my job one week before my 1st semester began. Even it became tougher moneywise, I hated retails so much, just couldn't stand it anymore.

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I'm starting a new job doing tech support for an ISP (shoot me :chuckle ) I'd love to do a unit clerk job, I just can't seem to get my foot in the door, hopefully after I officially start nursing school this fall and have clinicals and start networking, it will be easier.

The tech support job was the only one that gave me the flexibiliyt in hours that I needed for school right now. They do some tuition reimbursement too, so that's cool.

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