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  1. bmw804

    LPN ATS Institute of Technology....

    I used to attend the school and i wish that I could say good things about it. In the beginning when I first attended it was ok and the teachers were fine. I was doing well in the program. I had to take a leave of absence b/c I was pregnant. When I came back it was completely different. Teachers were leaving left and right and in the middle of the term not waiting until the term was over. I struggled a bit when I came back. My last semester I didn't do well at all. I tried to go back and repeat my last class, but she said my pre reqs were more than a year old and that I would have to restart the entire program. I was devastated. They were not willing to work with me at all knowing I only had the last class to redo. I passed the clinical, but not the class. Now I did start Ursuline before I went to ATS I loved that school. The teachers were great and the class work was good. I had two A's in their program. I just couldn't afford to continue and I was hoping to work more hours to get tuition reimbursement. I am not a newbie I have been taking classes for a long time with two degrees so this was not new to me at all. I didn't like the setup for ATS. I had friends that did well even though they complained of the work and the teachers. I wouldn't recommend it based on my experience. But if you speak with others that are attending you may get a different opinion. I hear Central and Marymount have decent programs I plan to attend tri-c paramedic program this summer to get more hands on skill training and go back for RN online when I get certified. I wish I would have done this in the first place. Good luck
  2. bmw804

    Brown Mackie College

    I am considering Brown Mackie only b/c courses are offered once a month. I was in a 4 year program, but was unable to financially continue since I had to work. We have a lot of programs in the area that are not NLN accredited. Once you get your LPN license you will be okay to transfer into an RN program. You may have to take your basic core courses over if you took them at Brown Mackie. But the nursing portion should transfer.
  3. I also failed my last course for LPN. I was devastated, but I had a lot going on in my life. I am trying to get back into again. It has been a year this summer. My problem is being able to find a job where I can get off work to get to class on time since classes start at 4:30 or 5:00 which is the time I get off of work. I have read that if you have completed more than half of the BSN program with clinicals then you could go to the distance learning route through excelsior. If I can't get back in then I will have to start over in an accelerated program since I hold a BA degree. Whatever you do don't give up. I thought about giving up, but I sacraficed so much to get into nursing and I feel like a looser now that I have not set out what I had planned to do. I will keep striving that is all I can do.
  4. bmw804

    Anyone here an RT?

    My original plan was to attend Excelsior after completing my LPN, I have one class left to finish, but I had to start a new job and now I am unable to complete my last class. I get off work at 5 and classes begin at 5. I asked my employer about leaving early or rotating with coworkers, but they will not allow it. As a back up plan I was looking into the online respiratory program that you spoke of, but I wondered how difficult it would be to do the clinicals. I am comfortable with taking online courses, but I am a little weary as far as the clinical format. My nursing clinicals were not all that helpful since I was a CNA, I gained a little knowledge to feel comfortable working on the floor and passing meds. I just wonder if it would be the same with respiratory therapy.
  5. bmw804

    LPN ATS Institute of Technology....

    Inquire about Onestop where you can get a scholarship to pay for tuition and uniforms. You don't have to pay this money back. They do take you through a bit, but I think its worth it to have them pay the cost of tuition, books and uniforms.
  6. bmw804

    LPN ATS Institute of Technology....

    I have attended ATS, I have one semester left. I am currently on a leave of absense with plans to go back this January and complete my last class if its scheduled right so I can finish. My plan is to go to Excelsior/independent study and finish my RN. I already have a 4 year degree, so it would be quicker for me. I don't like the class room instruction well. Huron is affiliated with Cleveland Clinic so you should be able to work the flexible schedules. I currently work at University Hospital in administration. I wish they had the flexible shifts like Cleveland Clinic. I may have to switch over when I complete my education. Let me know if you have any more questions.
  7. bmw804

    Lvn Program??is It Worth It?

    If its what you want to do, I think you should apply. I attended a 4 year University and I loved the school, but it was too expensive. I have one class left in the LPN program and then I am going back for the RN. You must make the best decison and if you get accepted into the LPN program consider it a start.
  8. I didn't pass my last nursing course Adult Health. I feel like such a failure. I was the only one in my class that didn't pass the classroom portion. I had a lot going on in my life. I had quit my full time job to go back to school for nursing. I did work part time as a STNA, but it wasn't enough to pay my mortgage.I am on the verge of losing my home, b/c I was unable to make payments. I have lucked up on a full time job as a scheduler for one of the major hospitals. Classes started back on 7/9, but I couldn't attend since I just started my new job. I can attend evening classes, but I couldn't make the orientation, b/c I didn't want to inform my new boss about leaving early for nursing school. The next class starts in January. I have been out since April. I really want to finish the last class, but I am glad to be working, so I can pay my bills. I am looking into selling my home and renting for the time being. I don't want to get stuck in this position and not go back to nursing school. I want to continue to review my text books, so I can be ready to go back to school in January. I hope.
  9. bmw804

    to the dark side

    This is the route I am now taking also. I was in a LPN program, but took a leave to have my son. While on leave I applied to the RN program and got accepted right away. While in the RN program, I received a full grant to complete the LPN, so I decided to finish that up. I spoke with my advisor and she said that was a good idea. I can bridge over to the RN once I have completed the LPN. I thought I would be able to do both so that I could finish sooner with less classes to take, but that was too hard on me, so I figured I would just do one thing at a time. I need to start making some money, so I think that would work best for me.
  10. Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland OH has an accerlerated ADN program. All prerequisites must be completed prior to applying to the program. They only start in the summer and they end the next summer, so its only 12 months. Classes meet every 8 weeks.Sciences can't be more than 7 years old. If you apply early enough at least 2 semsters before the summer then you have a good chance of getting in.
  11. bmw804

    Advice on switching to an BSN program

    I am currently in a BSN program. I have a BA in computer science. I have a friend of mine in the ADN program. Her program seems so much more stressed. Most of the ADN programs meet every 8 weeks. The BSN is 16 weeks. I think we get a lot more time. We have several papers to submit, but I would rather have 5 papers and 5 tests instead of just 4 tests. It helps with grading. I love the BSN program. I am also doing a LPN program only b/c I started prior and the county is paying for it now, and I will be done sooner, so for financial reasons it is better for me to complete the LPN then do the bridge over to the LPN/RN. I will have completed my first 2 RN nursing claases next month, so I will just take a break in the fall and then resume in the winter with a year left to complete my BSN. I had looked into bridging over at the ADN level, but their classes meet 4 days a week in the evening and I have to take a test and everything, whereas since I am already in a BSN program, I would just keep going in the sequence with the exception of 4 classes that I won't have to take. I have heard some students say that the ADN students are far better prepared skills wise and the BSN students are prepared more in theory. ADN students have to be at clinicals twice a week 7am-12. BSN is once a week 8-2. I hope to be prepared all around by doing the way that I am. I think you have to do what is best for you. Hang in there
  12. bmw804


    I was wondering what did you decide. I am also looking at Bryant and Stratton, but they are so expensive. I have been accepted into an LPN program and a BSN program. I thought with 20 months I could get what I really want and be done. The program is very new, so I am skeptical. I am going to see if they are accredited by the NLN. I am scheduled to take their TEAS test this Friday, but I am skeptical about it.
  13. bmw804

    whos going for LPN vs RN

    I have been accepted into both. I completed one semester of the LPN a year ago. I had to take time off due to having a baby. I am going back in January. I am going for the LPN b/c the county will pay for it. I was accepted into a private BSN school, but it is so expensive and I only have the first semester covered. I don't know what to do. I could always bridge over to the community college for their RN, but my goal is to get my BSN. I don't know what I am going to do. I know I am going through with the LPN. I just don't know if I should wait on the RN or do them concurrently. I am completing all prereq's this semester. I just have to see how the courses will be scheduled.
  14. bmw804

    LVN or ADN before BSN

    That is the route I am taking. The LPN is much easier to get into and you finish much quicker. I completed the first semester of the LPN program but I was also pregnant so I have been on leave. During my leave I had applied to a BSN program and was accepted. I don't really have the money for the BSN, we figured if I do the bridge LPN to BSN I would finish a semester or two sooner than doing the traditional BSN. The BSN program only goes Fall and Spring whereas the LPN is all year. I will start them both in January and finish the LPN at the end of August which is when the next semester will start for the BSN. I hope to begin working so that I can get tuition reimbursement for the BSN.
  15. bmw804

    How many credit hours are you taking fall semester?

    I am taking 18 credits I think Nutrition online Intro to Soc online Lifespan Dev online A&P II Biochem Nursing classes will begin in January
  16. I am in a similar situation and it is hard. I haven't given him an ultimatum, but I would prefer if he made the decision, b/c I know if I do it there is not turning back or changing my mind. Anyway I am not thinking about it. I have a plan and I have to worry about finishing school and tending to my children. He can either either join us or watch my dust as I move up the ladder completing my goals. The last thing we need right now is to be stressed out. We will have enough stress with nursing school. Try to stay focused and pray as much as you can. Remember you are not alone.