Who else is studying on July 4th?


Yes, sadly my school goes right through the summer.. My instructors so graciously decided to schedule our giant test on cancer for tomorrow. trying to study a little now so i can have a little fun later. :crying2: anyone else suffering with me?

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No studying but I do have to go to work on 3-11shift. bummer.


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Meee! I have an exam on Wednesday. I am happy for the extra day today to get a bit more studying time. All my holidays since I started nursing school have been spent studying. Its gotten to the point that I look forward to these days not for fun but to get that extra studying time! Its OK. In 4 more weeks my first year of nursing school will be completed. Half way to the finishing line!

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Me!! Test tomorrow. Summer school is awful. Everyone else is out having fun!

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im workin on ATI... :(.blah!


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Yeah I'm studying.....have an exam next Tuesday, our final exam of second year, so my nose has been in a book for the last few days, and will stay there all week :-( x


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Yes, I am studying for an exam on Wednesday...ugh. I have been studying so much my brain hurts!


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Hi everyone! I didn't have studying to do but a big project that is due this week in Psych 210. I have been working away at that! About half way done though. So hopefully down hill from here :nurse:


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Oh yeah, I've been suffering all weekend


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ME!! I'm studying too, I also worked 7 hours today; and got paid bonus pay of $300 bucks! But... I volunteered to work, and I choose to study! How bad do I want my BSN!! yeah!!! My reward.... a brand new spankin car and a brand new bedroom set for my daughter. So... I push myself!!!!!


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I'm studying trying to get my pre reqs done this summer. Have a Math test on Wednesday.