Where do you Study?

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Just want to get an idea. I usually study late at night at home. I also study at home during the day. I've been told that I should study at the library because it's a learning/studying environment. Please tell me where you study & study best at or do you feel like it even matters?

it all depends on the person.....

i cant study in a libary b/c its gets tooo boring and i get distracted ina lib rary even if i am in a quiet room

i tend to study in my room where is comfortable....in my familiar environment but i dont study on the bed though....

THANKS!!!! I always study on my bed but usually get entirely too comfortable. Great idea to not study on the bed

I study inside my room on my bed. Yes, I agree everyone is different. Sometimes I study outside my room, I go to the living room or on the balcony. When I study every 10questions I stand up and walk around and do something. I feel like I have the worst short span on studying nclex. If I watch hurst videos and lay down on my bed close my eyes and just listen to the voice of the speaker. Then just speak up when they ask question. I tried going to SB to stuy, but >_

I study in my room I can't study in the library.I tried to make a habit of studying in the library but it didn't work for me..too many distractions..So I like to study in my room..again everyone is different some people can't study anywhere but in the library.

So you need to find what works best for YOU..:)

As a more seasoned "older" student, I can't stand studying in the library unless I am on a super quiet floor. The library at my university does at least have different levels of quiet as you go up. (it has 6 floors) But I only use the library if I must stay on campus for some reason for awhile. On average, I start studying once the kids go to bed around 10:30pm with a big pot of coffee. When it is quiet in the house, I can study for hours without even realizing it. I normally go to bed around 2am and then back up at 6:15am.

Yes, I know that it is recommended that I get more sleep than that. BUT I haven't regularly gotten more than 4 hours of sleep a night for the last 20+ years. If I get more than that, I am tired all day and just can't function. So sleep while necessary is more a matter of quality versus quantity for me. I sleep like a rock!

I study on my study table in a very quiet environment.I get easily distracted by noise and any kind of music.So, library is the worst place for me to study as i can spend the whole day in the library doing nothing.I get too comfortable on the bed and tends to sleep so study table with comfortable chair is the best place for me to study.I prepare myself exactly the same way as if i am in the testing center.That way even if i have to stay in the actual testing center for 6hrs long i won't have any problem adjusting.

County Library...private room. Godsend.

I agree it depends on the person.

Freshman year I studied at home.

Sophomore year I studied mostly in libraries, whether it be my school's or my city's.

This J1 semester, I can't study in the library anymore because it's either too quiet or too noisy. I can't study at home because of the TVs and computers and my favorite, the bed. So for this semester, I find that Panera Bread is the best place to study for me. Its not too quiet and not too loud. There are huge windows everywhere so I can look out into nature and also get sunlight. :)

Thanks everyone for the comments. I just wanted to see what worked for everyone else.@PalmHarbor That is usually when I study late at night when my girls are asleep but sometimes I get awfully sleepy

THANKS!!!! I always study on my bed but usually get entirely too comfortable. Great idea to not study on the bed

yeah.....i only study on the bed when I feel I have finished studying and I am just looking to wind down....


if u do your main studying on the bed....you will get tired easily......

In the basement. It's finished so not dungeon like at all. I like to sit on the couch and review flashcards. Sometimes I go into my room to study with my giant white board. But otherwise it's in the basement. Quiet, away from my noisy family. My bed is too cozy and warm

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