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  1. Dear Nursing Students: We Need to Talk About Homework Help

    This is not good for an interview....get out from a computer and go network
  2. huber needle

    You should have Called IV nurse.....i don't deal with ports at all in nursing home
  3. Anyone else tired of LTC?

    I will be out of LTC soon....doing it as an LPS and RN but I am tired of it........
  4. Have you ever called your Compliance Hotline?

    Yes I have called the compliance hot line in my's supposed to be private but the administrator found out some people who called and retaliated on them. Bad bad nursing home
  5. Do you have to count lyrica at your LTC facility?

    you are right....i have seen it at my facility toooo...and if there are that many that remains the patient has NOT been getting the dose.....i guess it might be a good idea to count it with the incoming nurse to make sure it was given
  6. Do you have to count lyrica at your LTC facility?

    LOL @ counting coumadin and antibiotics..........what a waste of time.... YES we count lyrica in my facilty..........
  7. New vision Canada web site

    really sorry about what happened.... sounds like a scam. no company in good business will take that long to respond to calls and email
  8. Where do you Study?

    yeah.....i only study on the bed when I feel I have finished studying and I am just looking to wind down.... ' if u do your main studying on the will get tired easily......
  9. ncsbn, hurst or kaplan?

    kaplan is pricey but its the closest to the nclex imo......... even if you dont pay 499 for kaplan....using their strategy book helps a lot
  10. Maryland Board of Nursing Horrors

    MD BON is just badly run ...PERIOD!!! They need someone new to take over....clean house and start refresh
  11. Nclex but not going to America

    Can you do your nclex exam but not actually use it? what do you mean? The nclex is for students who went to nursing one from ouside can take it like that...the board of nursing when you want to get a license wil give you permission to t...
  12. Where do you Study?

    it all depends on the person..... i cant study in a libary b/c its gets tooo boring and i get distracted ina lib rary even if i am in a quiet room i tend to study in my room where is my familiar environment but i dont study on the b...
  13. Favoritism in nursing?

    i worked in a facility like that one time here in MD....had to watch what you say....i left b/c it was just too many favortism
  14. Can LPN lose a license by not practicing for a year?

    just keep your license active....i think that should be enough..... some states do audit nurses though if they have requirements on hrs of pratice but i think if you keep the license active that should be enough.....
  15. Describe a shift in LTC? Please??

    2 hrs is just ridicuolous for orientation......they will put the blame on you if something happens....i dont care if you been a nurse for 25 yrs.....a 2hr orientation in a new facility is still not enough.... i work in a LTC facility too but hope to ...