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  1. CCua

    Hurst vs NCSBN any preference?

    I would also have to say NCSBN! The questions and the rationales helped me out a lot and I noticed that NCLEX asked me some things that NCSBN had and Hurst didn't. Good luck!
  2. CCua

    New Grad orientation...

    18 weeks in the OR with classroom/simulation/lab. This is a Versant program.
  3. I love your advice bombae09! I will be starting my OR orientation 2 weeks from now and I would love to know what books, if you used any, that helped you with the OR?
  4. Graduated May '14 NCLEX June '14 Job Offer April '14 Texas
  5. CCua

    **POLL** New 1st Year RN Salary

    1) TX 2) 23.50/hr base, +11 (3am+ on-call), +3 (weekends) 3) New Grad BSN
  6. Highly recommend doing Lacharity! It's what saved me from all the delegating and prioritizing questions on the NCLEX.
  7. CCua

    Hurst online review anyone???

    You're welcome! The questions are the very end of the section, where it lists 1-10, 11-20, 30-40, 40-50 and pharmacology questions are 50-55.
  8. CCua

    Hurst online review anyone???

    I believe that Hurst is the best for content. Marly explains it in a way that makes you remember the content. I also used PDA, which is very very important. I purchased the 3 week course NCSBN and just did the questions (They have about 1100 questions) and viewed the rationale. Passed with 75Q. In my exam, I found the PDA to be very, very helpful*** NCSBN touched upon some content that was actually in the exam and the questions really did help! Unfortunately, Hurst didn't help me in my exam but it might have been useful to other people. Good luck! :)
  9. CCua

    NCLEX week.... prayer anyone?

    Congratulations everyone!! :)
  10. CCua

    NCLEX week.... prayer anyone?

    Same! Quick results shows I passed 😀 You can do it JustBreathe! Remember to stay calm and use that test taking skill. Good luck!
  11. CCua

    NCLEX week.... prayer anyone?

    Thank you!
  12. CCua

    NCLEX week.... prayer anyone?

    So took it this morning at 0830.. finished by 0930. Ended with 75 questions (I was honestly hoping for more to increase my chances; felt that I did horrible and didn't know most of the content there). 30 min after taking the test.. did the pearsonvue trick.. got the good pop up. Relieved some of my stress but I know for sure I won't celebrate until I officially got the email/letter. I told myself I did the best that I could and prayed to god. Good luck to everyone!
  13. CCua

    NCLEX week.... prayer anyone?

    Will be testing this Monday! Prayers for everyone here. We shall pass this!
  14. CCua

    NCLEX Tomorrow

    Hi Ash! I will also be taking the NCLEX tomorrow early morning. I completely understand how you feel. Right now I just want to get this exam over with and I even gave myself a migraine yesterday night because of this. Here's to hoping and praying that we will pass it! I used NCSBN questions (about 400 per day I read the rationales but I honestly don't remember most of them now), Hurst for Core Content, and PDA by LaCharity.
  15. CCua

    Versant Programs 2014

    I received an email from them today stating: "Thank you for your continued interest in Parkland. Your resume has successfully moved to the next stage for review for the . The Hiring Manager is currently reviewing your resume against the minimum requirements for the position. You will receive an email after they have reviewed your application and recruiter will inform you of the appropriate next steps." I have yet to log on to Parkland and cancel my application, will be doing that later today. I also received a rejection letter from Methodist and JPS. I received an email from UT Southwestern for an interview but I had to decline it. Good luck!
  16. CCua

    Versant Programs 2014

    I accepted an offer for the OR position in FW. For those still waiting, don't give up! I honestly did not think I was going to get this due to me being late to the interview and bungling some answers so it was definitely an unexpected call I answered. Good luck and wish Y'all the best!!