Where do most LVN's/LPN's work?

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I'd like to hear from the LVN's/LPN's regarding where do they find employment. Also, RN's can jump in on this one too. Thanks!

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I work at a clinic handling worker's compensation cases. I also work seasonally for a local immunization clinic, as well as PRN at a LTC facility.


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I see where alot of LPNs work in nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, and doctor's offices. Sometimes these areas don't require alot IV pushes and etc. I also know of a few LPNs who work with various nursing agencies and travel (they make more money this way). They wouldn't have it no other way!!!

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public school nurse for 17 years. love it !!

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LPN's can work in several facilities. Being an LPN for almost 10 years I have spent alot of time workin with agency, LTAC, and nursing homes. Agency allows for a vast groupof assignments giving you alot of experience. More hospitals are trending towards RN's but there just aren't enough to cover the patient load. Plus-it costs way more to hire them. The main thing is to gain experience regardless of the facility. Experience and workmanship says alot about the type of nurse you are.

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I work as Public Health Nurse at a Native American Clinic. I have in the past worked at a private clinic in pediatrics. There are many many options in the state I live in. We can do hospital, LTC, clinics, home health and hospice, sooo many options to choose from.

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Hey Boog'sgirl, have a question for you as you mentioned you also work seasonal immunization clinic. I am a new LPN and have been signed on for a national flu shot clinic for seasonal. Can you tell me if you like doing the seasonal clinics? New grads are having a hard time currently getting positions and I thought doing the clinics would give me at least some guaranteed hours while hoping the hire market is better. Thanx

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With the exception of a brief PRN gig at a local psych hospital, I have spent all of my short nursing career in nursing homes.

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I worked as an LPN for 9 years before getting my RN, I started out in the Army Hospitals were we did mostly medication administation on the floor where i worked. After I got out, I hired on at the VA and worked a med surg floor where I went between med passer and total pt care. later I took a clinical position doing vitals and immuniz. ect, ect. A lot of my LPN firends work in nursing homes and one functioned as the charge nurse. Depending on what's out there now, I say grab it and get some experience under u!! :nurse:

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Newtress, I love doing flu clinics. It's easy work and the pay is usually pretty decent. I also love giving injections, so it's an added bonus :D. The clinic I work through does self-scheduling and I can schedule myself for as many hours as I need, up to 40/week. I already have a full-time job, so I do it to make some extra money around the holidays.

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I look forward to doing this during the flu season and into the holidays. As you said it helps for extra money around the holidays. I was told I can self schedule also anywhere from 2 to 40/week. It is a national immunization corporation and wonder if this is what you do also, or are you hired through local or facility based clinics? This would be my first experience doing flu clinics.

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I work with Mollen Immunization Clinics and also with my current employer.

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