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  1. I've been a RN for about 5 years... Not that long but I can't seem to find my nitch in Nursing. I've travelled, worked the floor (Med-surg, Tele, etc), LTC supervisor, administrative nursing, and now homehealth. I love helping people but I also want to enjoy my career... I put so much time in earning my degree that I just don't want to give it up but the passion is gone.. I was stressed out in school and when I graduated I thought the stress was over but nursing very stressful. Am I the only one who feels this way with nursing???
  2. Wow, that's insane. Because I would have never thought it could have been that difficult. I applied a while back before changing my mind and I didn't have any problems with getting start dates, information on deadlines, tuition info, even possible scholarship money, etc! As a matter of fact they called me several times for a while to see how I was progressing in the enrollment process. I'm sorry to hear that you had such a difficult time with them. Needless to say, I ended up enrolling in an FNP program in another city! I don't know maybe it's because I live an hour away from Loyola. Still there's no excuse for that. Totally unacceptable!
  3. NancyN

    Best place for a new RN to work in Baton Rouge?

    I've heard that Women's hospital was one of the best places to work. I never tried to work there but I heard that the nurses there never leave. This is from friends who work there to this day. I've worked at Baton Rouge General Hospital- Bluebonnet(didn't really like it but stayed a while), EKL( was a pretty good charity hospital and I think you can get a good experience there), Ochsner(hated it, they never had CNAs). And my friends say OLOL(a mess as well). I would say try it out for yourself and see. I think a hospital with Med-Surg/Tele is a good place to start as far as getting experience under your belt. Sorry to tell you that I really didnt like some of them as far as employment. But again you just may!!! Trying to stay positive.:) I'm not quite sure about the orientation, bonuses and incentives but you can call HR and find out.
  4. NancyN

    Should I go back to school

    Well first of all, don't let this one incident discourage you. We all make mistakes but the most important thing is that we learn from them. Do I need to make a list of mistakes that I made for you before I became a good nurse!!! I suggest that you get some experience before going back to school depending on what you are going to school for. And when you are being interviewed and they ask you why you resigned you shouldn't have to go into great details. You can say" I resigned because this particular unit requires you to have at least 2 years of experience under you belt and I didn't have that at the time". And I wanted to be at a place where I can get a good experience. I felt that getting good experience as a nurse would allow me to provide the best care to my patients so I decided to explore my options and apply here! Okay, end of that question next.....You have to be confident in your interviews and know what your talking about. And if you don't know the answer to something make it positive and show them that you are eager to find the answer. And if they call your manager from your previous job so what. You can google good interview techniques and how to answer questions during interviews. It will also give you tips on the type of questions most interviewers ask. I usually do this before every interview. Take care and good luck!!
  5. NancyN

    New Nurse who hates her job...nursing is not what I thought

    I know exactly how you feel. Six months out of school on a hectic MedSurg unit, I didn't think I would make a year but I signed a contract and I did not want to give the bonus money back so I finished that year. I would ask myself everyday why did I become a nurse? This is insane:bugeyes:. It has to get better. I would pray ever day before walking onto my unit b/c I didnt know what to expect but I hung in there and 2 1/2 years later I moved on. And with that experience I was able to work just about anywhere. So like the other nurses said hang in there for a little while longer. Then explore your options. You've made it through.
  6. NancyN

    Where do most LVN's/LPN's work?

    I see where alot of LPNs work in nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, and doctor's offices. Sometimes these areas don't require alot IV pushes and etc. I also know of a few LPNs who work with various nursing agencies and travel (they make more money this way). They wouldn't have it no other way!!!
  7. NancyN

    Any suggestions for a non-hospital RN job?

    Oh, other websites to check out for RN jobs: careerbuilders.com, monster.com, indeed.com, as well as your local state website. There are plenty of state jobs for nurses.
  8. NancyN

    Non-Hospital Jobs...

    Go to hobjobs.com, careerbuilders.com, indeed.com, and monster.com. Also, try you local state website. They usually have RN jobs posted. Some of these jobs are non-hospital jobs. You can also try home health, hospice, women's clinic in your local area, dialysis, or even rehabilitation centers.
  9. NancyN

    Any suggestions for a non-hospital RN job?

    I know this question was posted a while back, but I was in the same situation. I worked MedSurg for two years straight out of college and was burnt-out afterwards. I did not want to see another hospital for a while. I found a job just by seaching the website hotjobs.com. I came across an administrative nursing job assisting the community. I've been working for them for about two years now. What made the job even better is that I am working for my home as a Quality Assurance Registered Nurse Reviewer. The pay is the same as the hospital pay. Everything is submitted electronically. I have to say I am a bit bored now. I work through a nurse agency when this happens and just to keep up with my clinical skills. View hotjobs.com or your state website. There are plenty of different nursing opportunities out there besides floor nursing.