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Feeling like giving up my nursing career.....

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I've been a RN for about 5 years... Not that long but I can't seem to find my nitch in Nursing. I've travelled, worked the floor (Med-surg, Tele, etc), LTC supervisor, administrative nursing, and now homehealth. I love helping people but I also want to enjoy my career... I put so much time in earning my degree that I just don't want to give it up but the passion is gone.. I was stressed out in school and when I graduated I thought the stress was over but nursing very stressful. Am I the only one who feels this way with nursing???

If the passion is still there maybe something else in nursing will help. Have you considered Doctors without Borders? Or any government agencies that aid the less fortunate?


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having that much stress at work is unhealthy, but you know what the job market is like right now . . . maybe clinic nursings, or one of the procedure suites?

From time to time, I have felt that way but then, with the passage of time, things always get better. I would try to find something outside of the job that adds joy to your life and see if that will help you get past the rough patches. Best of luck!

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Ive been a nurse for approximately the same amount of time as you. I worked med/surg from the beginning for about 4.5 years. I now do homehealth. I loved it at first, but then came the changes and now I dont like it either. Alot of the people I graduated with feel this way also. But my problem now is all the paperwork. The job itself isnt bad, but the paperwork spills into my family time (I no longer have family time). Good luck to you. I hope you find an equal balance between work and having a life. I think enjoying a hobby outside of work may help relieve the stress.